Girls night out feat. Grashoff’s caramel spread

Last night, me, Kamilla and Sara had a girl’s- night- out in Rockville. Kamilla was the hostess and had a wonderful caserol, soft chocolate cake, fresh red wine and olive platter set out for us. The dress theme for the night was fun and flirty and i’m sure we all got that covered.

Kamilla wore a white and black dress that slightly ruffles in the front, Sara wore a leopard print dress hung well with sparkly black straps and I wore a bold orange dress ( since I never wear bold colors and liked Target’s wide selection on dresses).

  Sara and I wanted to be respectful guests so we also brought tasty treats. Sarah brought this intoxatingly rich chocolate shot from Amsterdam ( where she was last month) and I brought a wide selection of Grashoff’s chocolate spreads, including the caramel spread.

Grashoff’s caramel spread is a hot commodity and tends to be a rarity to find in most stores. These ladies were in luck since I saved this last jar for them.

After gabbing about our lives blossoming for the better, future travels and especially about what makes wine good to women: we digged into dinner.

As I predicted, each bite was purely addictive.  I think I need Kamilla’s casseroll recipe since I want to eat that tasty morsal again.  For dessert, Kamilla had these light, flaky chocolate bars filled with fruit and topped with almond slivers.

Her mom was kind enough to make us dinner tonight. Kamilla said that she’s known for inventing dishes off-the-cuff. The casserol we had tonight was an innovative creation of cheese, noodles, onions, chicken and a medly of unknown spices.

The chocolate bars paired well with  Rusiko wine ( best wine ever, Kamilla says that it’s sold in any wine store and it’s priced at the super affordable price of $18 bucks).

But what pairs best with the chocolate bars, wine and by itself is  Grashoff chocolate spreads. It makes any meal feel gourmet in nano seconds.

 Sara was super curious about my Belgian chocolate spreads so I decided to do a mini chocolate demo for the ladies.

Kamilla and Sara were huge fans of the white chocolate spread with strawberry pieces and also like the Capuccino, and various other dark chocolate spreads.

Both ladies digged into the caramel spread and tried it on their desserts. Magnifico! It was a popular hit!

It’s common sense  that you can’t have a ladies night out without chocolate. But if you want a classy, Euro-style ladies night out complete with fine wines, decadent olives and a rich meal, than you need Grashoff’s chocolate spreads.

 It’s not only women’s best friend friend but it’s also wine’s, dessert’s and even gourmet cupcake’s one true love. We concluded the night by sharing humerous stories about Europe and with a toast to a successful evening.

Oh what a night!

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