Faso Foods: Grashoff Chocolate Spread+ Wine= A Happy Marriage

Have you ever went to a wine tasting and felt like something was missing.

Albeit, you have the finely aged cheeses, breads and maybe some caviar but there was just something else you needed to add a delish’ conclusion to your wine tasting excursion.

If you guessed chocolate, then you are close. If you confidently stated Grashoff’s chocolate spreads than you are one smart cookie.

Wine and Grashoff’s chocolate spreads are two lovers that could never be parted. They go hand-in-hand like Peanut butter and jelly.

Any wine tasting that lacks Grashoff’s chocolate spreads is a cruel sight, indeed.  If you visit Nibbles website here. You will get a comprehensive list of every possible chocolate and wine pairing available.

 Lucky for you, Grashoff’s has mint, dark, white, fruit, and spicy chocolate that match well with many chardonnays, ports and red wines. 

Unlike competitors, the chocolate spreads offered by Grashoff’s is finely made in Germany and we use the best Belgian chocolate to concoct addictive blends like Sicilian Blood orange or even ginger.

If you have ever had a Grashoff Chocolate Spread and wine pairing party, please comment below. We’d love to know how the chocolate spreads and wine espoused such a scintillating sensation.

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