Nada Surf at 9:30 Club: Decent concert, sparse crowd

Last night, Nada Surf rocked the 9:30 club to a commodious yet some-what packed audience of hipsters, awkward tweens, and Gen-Xers. Normally, the frosting to any concert experience for me is to max-out my people watching skills. I couldn’t help myself yesterday as I watched a coterie of frazzled hair girls squeel when Nada Surf’s lead singer Mathew Caws sung one of his newest singles.

As i’ve previously said before, it bites being short at concerts. I’m, like, always the shortest one there. And to top it all off, I abhor wearing heels so that didn’t  help the situation either. I conceded to my physical defeats and comported myself behind these two sheltered tweens.

   Throughout the night, these three meat-head types with large ears deemed themselves to have carte blanche over the rest of the audience.

 Each one, unknowingly, obfuscated my only clear view of the concert.  I was sure I wasn’t the only short person fraught with rage over their brusque behaviour.

In the meantime, Nada Surf played with bouyancy. Each song was sung harmoniously, and unlike the uncreative duo behind Sleighbells, each of their songs were singular, fresh, and different. Too bad for me, I wasn’t too aware of the band’s fan favorite hits.

All I really wanted Nada Surf to do was play my favorite songs.Conversely, they seemed bridled by the tweets of hipsters, home-schoolers, meat-heads and slightly graying couples in their 40’s.

Ughh!  Nada Surf just played what the majority wanted! Besides being a minority — and I don’t mean being the only Indian American at the show– I was probably one of a handful who only wanted to hear their popular singles, from this homogenuous group of Nada Surf Fans. I was captious to find foibles with the show.

When I realized all of this was occurring, I later quelled my emotions and swirling thoughts by just mentally replaying my own favorite Nada Surf songs.

 Subsequently, after I was attenuated by Nada Surf playing ‘fan favorites’, they started to play all of my favorite songs in a row.

  • Best Nada Surf Songs at 9:30 Club   

*Blond on blond * See these bones * Inside of love * Always love

 I instantly forgave Nada Surf for being a people pleaser to D.C’s hipsters that night. I forgive you Nada Surf! You actually played the popular stuff.  On the contrary, though Nada Surf played their popular hits, they did not play “Popular”.

 Thank goodness! Though that hit is what they were most famous for, it’s the one song that grated my nerves the most.

Consequently, I did have a great time. Nada Surf played enough mellow tunes to lull a picky indie listener like me for awhile. Mathew Caws has an angelic voice, and his band produced wonderful refrains, choruses and beats to magically entrance any Nada Surf fan.

Even though I didn’t know alot of the songs the band played, I was still thoroughly impressed by their craftmanship. It was also cute that Caws parents were at the balcony, directly to his right. Both his mom and Dad had large grins that didn’t diminish throughout the night but only grew as each song played.

Nada surf was a decent concert overall and I hope they come back again to the D.C area.

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