Easter egg hunt 2012: The Hunger Games edition

Our jaunt down Georgetown concluded well. After getting lost for 45 minutes, we finally arrived back at Dennis’s house. At this point, no one was capricious over my master plan. In fact, there was even tacit agreement that I had carte blanche with the rest of the evenings activities! Hurrah!

  A normal Easter egg hunt is usually held during the day and  there are often kids dressed in their Sunday best. Quite often, delicious candy is filled to the brim in each egg.

While this may be true, we decided to reverse the rules and make the game more intense. For starters, not all of the eggs are filled with candy.

 Half the eggs are filled with snickers, sweet-tarts and twix while the rest are filled with the following questionable items: fake bloody tampons, magnum condoms with dollar store lubricant, fat burners, laxatives, and  colon cleansers.

 Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

I hope it doesn’t, because it means you are truly sick in the head. Concurrently, as players are searching for eggs ( they are not allowed to open them up), they have permission to shoot silly string at each other as a way to immobilize their opponent for 15 seconds and hopefully steal their eggs. 

 Anything can go with this game and whomever has the best strategy and further utilizes Dennis’s playground to their advantage would most likely win the game.Theft is allowed since this is a free for all. As was previously aforementioned, I had carte blanche over everyone.

Meaning, as host, I can shoot anyone I wanted with silly string and not get paralyzed–since I hid all the eggs and invented this evil yet genuis plan. First come, first serve is key in this game. Anyone could grab whatever silly string can, easter basket and even food ( for survival).

 There were three prizes awarded for the night.

 First place recieved $20 worth of gourmet treats from Trader Joes including mango black tea, toffee, belgian chocolate crisps and cookies. Second place recieves a paltry amount of snickers from a red beer cup. Third place gets two douches.

 Unsure if that’s really a prize since it just means third places becomes a douche for the night.

Anyways,  if it weren’t for “The Hunger Games”, I never would’ve came up with this idea. Hopefully you’ve seen this awesome movie in theaters. If not, read the bio in this link.

Fifteen minutes, literally, passed by. Youseff from the get-go got the most eggs and even listened to my hints. Jason was super fast and Dennis outmanuevered many with his silly string attacks.

Whenever I noticed player’s hopes were up, I would spray them with silly string as a reminder that this game is not as easy as it seems.

In fact, if I caught any of the players breaking any of the eggs open than I would’ve reprimanded them to put that egg back. There was a reason why I didnt want anyone to do that.

The second part of the Easter egg hunt is “Evaluation” time. During this time, everyone opens up their eggs in search for questionable items. In order for the questionable items to count, players needed to open up each egg and tell me what they see.

My favorite part, as evaluator, was seeing players sick expressions over the fake bloody tampons and over the laxatives curdling up with the warming jelly. Haha!

When the game concluded, I had to reprimand Jason for cheating. He stole the super soaker and tried to get poor Yousseff. Because of that, I made him give away two of his eggs. Shame on you Jason!

Yousseff collected the most questionable eggs so he won the first portion of the game.

 Dennis was second and seemed content with the snack sized Snickers bars.  Jason seemed happy too, he never saw a douche before. I guess everyone was a winner?

Jason had a chance to redeem himself. The second portion of this game is called the “Death round”.

I, the host, teams up with whomever is second place, Dennis, to bring down the loser. Dennis and I had full arsenal of all of the water guns, and water balloons to take down Jason–once and for all.

 For the latter duration of our version of “The Hunger Games”, Dennis and I had a rude awakening. 

Jason out ran us, stole our super soaker and stole our water balloons from right under us.  He planted his t-shirt as a decoy on the far edges of the playground, which I naively took.

 He used that distraction to trick us and he overtook us both instantly. Since I am a foot shorter than Jason, he simply tilted his super soaker down and I was whiplashed. I was wailing, crying and screaming in a corner.

Dennis got bored and started to join him. So, both Jason and him decided to corner me.  I was scared for a second and ran inside.

Jason got his revenge!  Touche’


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