Open City Coffeehouse: Great Easter Brunch Spot in D.C

When get into your twentys, Easter tends to fade away in the back of your mind as child-oriented holiday. It’s hard for many young adults to find the alacrity for Easter since many of us feel too old to hunt for eggs and even to go back to church to pay respects.

Nonetheless, many of us found time last weekend to enjoy each other’s fellowship by partaking in an Easter brunch. I was overjoyed to see Dennis, Youssef, Andrew and Dan around 3 p.m. None of us ever ventured around the Woodley Park area for brunch before but decided upon ourselves to try something new.

Open City Coffeehouse, located on 2331 Calvert St. NorthWest D.C, had a bevy of yuppies, upper class D.C families and professionals like ourselves. The overall ambience was warm and was apposite to the light french and breakfast cuisine served at this establishment. A slew of open windows also imbued a gentle hustle-and-bustle that added further layers into our brunch reverie.

Youssef and Dennis had a hearty breakfast, while Andrew had a meditteranean brunch composed of tomatoes, chicken and basil leaves. Dan ventured into a bloody mary than ordered an omelet. Unanimously, we acceded this was an amazing spot for brunch. Who knew?

Oh yeah! I got the brioche french toast ( as you see above) and am quite rueful that I didnt take a group picture of my friends at brunch; Considering, Dan and Andrew took off.

Conversely, though Dan and Andrew left, that didn’t mean our Easter adventure ended. Oh yes, has an Easter trilogy arc and this is only part one. Stay tuned!





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