Faso Foods: Everyone hearts Grashoff Chocolate! Summer Fancy Food Show part 3

Water Wheel Crackers and Grashoff Chocolate Spreads go very well together. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself then.

After I got my fill at thr Faso Foods station, I decided to discover new territory. I brought along my trust jar of Grashoff Gentleman’s dark chocolate and traipsed around various floors. Along the way I found  Water Wheel Crackers. Inspite of the fact that there was like hundreds of cracker stations there,  Water Wheel had the nicest people around.

I was engulfed with their warm sentiments and strong passion for their product. The more I got to know the people behind the company, the more I wanted to learn about the company, itself. I did a quick Google search when I got home and was amassed with positive articles about Australia’s very own Water Wheel crackers. Read this article on them from The Washingtonian.

Water Wheel Crackers are made for divine tastes. Naturally, it pairs well with Grashoff Chocolate Spreads.

 Meanwhile, Ian Pascoe, Export Manager for WaterWheel Crackers, couldn’t stop eating Grashoff’s chocolate. Similarity,   I wanted to eat ALL of their  crackers.

Interested in learning more about WaterWheel Crackers? Check out their website here. In the near future, I hope to meet them again, I had a lovely time getting to know them and totally pigged out on ALL of their yummy crackers!

Shadi Afshar, from Ahmad Tea London, loved the Gentleman’s dark chocolate. I was already a fan of her teas. 🙂

After snacking on WaterWheel crackers, I needed to drink some tea. So, I stopped by Ahmad Tea and met Shadi. As a representative for Ahmad Tea’s, I found her to be very nice and very knowledgeable about her product. Apparently Ahmad Tea originated in London and has been global gourmet fare for more then twenty years. I had seriously no idea.

Whenever I stopped by Rodman’s, and other gourmet stores in D.C, I would always see Ahmad Teas yet had no idea that they’ve been around for such a long time. I do love fruit teas and was quite impressed with Ahmad London Tea’s gamut of fruit black teas.

They have Apple, Apricot, Black current and Mango teas that look appetizing.  If you want to check out their store, click here. Also, feel free to like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter. Any friend of Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate is a friend of mine.

About Faso Foods

Faso Foods is an international food management company supporting producers with import/export, warehousing, packaging, market research, sales and promotional activities.

We represent a diverse roster of categories including hot beverages, fruit juice, confections and grains, many of which are organic and fair trade, to fulfill the demand of the sophisticated specialty food market.

Also, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You instantly get entered into a drawing. Winners of the Faso Food Social Media Contest win a case of 6 Grashoff Belgian chocolate sauces.

Are you ready for Part 4? The saga continues..

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