Faso Foods:Reasons why everyone can’t resist Grashoff! Summer Fancy Food show 2012 part 5

Tortuga rum cake spread with Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate. The perfect breakfast. Check them out at http://www.tortugarumcakes.com

Grashoff Belgian Chocolate spreads are not like Nutella. I tell people this, like, everyday. It’s hard to compare white truffles ( Grashoff Belgian Chocolate Spreads) to canned mushrooms used in low-end pizza brands. Grashoff’s chocolate spreads are incomparable. Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate Spreads are urbane, cosmopolitan and pure glam.

Sorry for the foodie rant, I just wanted the world to be aware of the stark differences between the two. Nonetheless, Grashoff Belgian chocolate spreads were a boon at the Summer Fancy Food show. So many businesses –big-wigs and mom-and- pop shops alike–wanted to eat the entire jar. Funny as that sounds, I had to tell them to calm down. You can purchase jars at this website: www.fasofoods.com

On the last day of the show, I forgot to eat breakfast. Yeah, that’s terrible on my part but I figured I could sample gourmet foods to appease my grumbling hunger pangs. I needed something cake-y that makes me feel sublime inside. Lo and behold, my favorite cake company in the entire world was right next to Faso Foods section.

Tortuga Rumcakes is the world’s number one rum cake brand. How can anyone travel to Barbados and forget to purchase 2 or 12 of these addictive cakes. That notion is unfathomable to me. When I first entered their section, I felt like   I must have done something right in my life.  Each Tortuga rumcake was winsome in appearance, and robust in taste. I was in rumcake heaven and no one can take me away from there. Not even a portentous earthquake.

Here I am with Marcus, the CEO of Tortuga International . I was in foodie heaven!
http://www.tortugarumcakes.com! Please like them on Facebook too, support the brand!

If you ever need a quick pick me up in the morning, get a slice of Tortuga rumcake and slather some Grashoff Belgian chocolate on it. It’s a Caribbean delight with a Belgian twist. What a wonderful way to start those yucky Monday Mornings with too. Please check out Tortuga Rum Cakes website here and like them on Facebook here.

Want some birthday advice? Here it goes: buy 2- 3 Tortuga rumcakes and stack them on top of each other. Slather a healthy helping of Grashoff Belgian Chocolate spread all over those bad boys. Voila! You have the world’s greatest birthday cake. Beat that Charm City Cakes!

After I had the world’s greatest breakfast, I walked on over to Walker Shortbreads stand. FYI, I’ve been eating these cookies since I was a little girl–I’m still little but whatever.

Here i am with the owner of Walker Shortbread cookies, James N. Walker, and we had a lovely conversation about Scotland, cookies and I the beauty behind Walker Shortbread cookies.

If you have small kids at home who love Walker Shortbread cookies and chocolate, you know they can dip their Walker shortbread cookies into Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate spreads. They pair well together and pack a gourmet punch to the mouth.

Moreover, did you know that Walker’s shortbread is the only UK company to win three Queen’s awards for achievement.  If her royal highness loves this brand, why don’t you? I think you should, it’s too good to pass up!

I was fortunate enough to meet James N. Walker, one of the owners of Walker shortbread cookies. We had an engaging  conversation about his home in Scotland, Walker Cookies and about the Fancy Food show.

Walker says, ” Walker’s shortbread cookies is a very traditional product. It has been made for 114 years and is only made with the finest natural ingredients. It is a strong brand from Scotland too.”

If you are a fan of Walker Shortbread cookies, like me, than please visit their website here .

My friend Lauren Fooks from Hint Water. She’s super nice and gave me peach and blackberry :)! Visit Hint Water here: http://www.drinkhint.com/

My mouth was getting parched after eating decadent rumcake and shortbread cookies. I needed yummy water with a hint of excitement. So I stopped by HINT’s station and downed a peach fizz drink. It was addictive and I was definitely coming back for more. At this station, I met this bubbily, sweet girl named Lauren Fooks who showed me that Hint is not only delicious but it is healthier than other vitamin drinks out there.

Lauren also loved Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate spreads so we both reached common ground that day. I am overly obsessed with HINT water and she loves Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate Spreads. Visit Hint’s website here and like them on Facebook.

About Faso Foods

Faso Foods is an international food management company supporting producers with import/export, warehousing, packaging, market research, sales and promotional activities.

We represent a diverse roster of categories including hot beverages, fruit juice, confections and grains, many of which are organic and fair trade, to fulfill the demand of the sophisticated specialty food market.

Also, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You instantly get entered into a drawing. Winners of the Faso Food Social Media Contest win a case of 6 Grashoff Belgian chocolate sauces.

Are you ready for Part 6? I hope you are!

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