Phoenix Cafe: Best Coffee Shop in Seattle Washington!

I was in Seattle Washington a few weeks ago and decided to visit Phoenix Cafe, located on 1017 Third Avenue, Seattle Washington.

This quirky n’ cute shop, owned by Jen and Shariesse, has plumes of yummy coffee wafting the air, unique coffee cups made by customers and a happy air about the place. It obviously stands out amongst its competitors.

Even their Facebook page has daily updates, that trumps Starbucks, Tullys and any other coffee shop in that immediate area.

I’ve never been to a coffee shop where the baristas were actually nice to you. Seriously, they engage you in warm conversation and care about you. Plus they are able to multi-task and make you a fresh cup of coffee, on the spot. Who needs Starbucks?

As a gourmet foodie, I know what makes a good cup of coffee. You need grade-A service, quality beans and actual effort. Phoenix cafe has all three and then some.

Phoenix Cafe is also famous for these following drinks:  Lavender White Mocha, Orange Mocha, Kahlua Almond Mocha, Almond Rocha, Toffee Mocha, London Mists, S’more Shake and their Cherry Almond White Mocha.

I was a complete fan of their Lavender White Mocha, and had it every single morning when I was in Seattle. If you are a foodie, than you must know that lavender is a rare flavor in the United States.

If you go to haute-cuisine locales around Europe, you will see flavors like lavender in trendy coffee shops. It’s quite nice that bon vivants, like myself, can frequent coffee shops like Phoenix and see singular coffee drinks.

If you ever come to Seattle Washington and want to drink the best coffee, that this area has to offer. Then visit Phoenix Cafe! It will be the best decision you ever make.

 Phoenix Cafe

1017  Third Avenue,

Seattle, Washington

1 (206) 466-1906

M-F, 6a.m-5 p.m

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