Portland, Oregan: Weird? Yes and I heart it!

Have any of you seen the show “Portlandia”?  I wish I can say that I have, but sadly I have not seen the show. Though i’ve never seen the show, i’ve heard a great deal about it. Apparently, the show takes place in Portland, Oregon and details the lives of people who live in Portland.

Portland is known for being uber weird. The people, food, subculture and everything else about the place is singular, at best.

My goodness! I love Portland so freaken’ much. I wish I was born there. I’m weird, and I embrace it.

I guess the show is pretty accurate, well, based on what I heard about it.

What’s more interesting to divulge is that the people in the West Coast are ten-times more nicer than in the East coast. They are less pretentious, more genuine and full of joy.

Anyways, the hipsters in the West coast trump the posers on the East coast. ‘Nuff said.

You may also not know this but Portland is known, world-wide, for their antiques, food, and love of the great outdoors. If I had more time, I would’ve loved to have done a bike tour or gone hiking. Oh well 😦

My boyfriend and I did have enough time to visit:

1.) Voodoo Dunuts. Bacon custard donut? YES

2.) Eat polish food from a foodcart. MmMM sourkrat, meatballs and potatoes.

3.) Shop at an antique toy store. They had a Brooke Shields Barbie doll, WTF!

4.) Buy books from Powells used book store. Or better yet go broke, I spent $$$ on rare Sailormoon comic books.

5.) See latte art at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Number 1 Coffee shop in Portland, Oregan.. YUMMY coffee too!

6.) Visit the Saturday market place. We saw international art, drank bubble tea and suffered through the heat together.

7.) Look into a Scientology Center. The people gave me the heebee jeebies and the questionnaire was created for people with manic-depressive disorder..

8.) Visit a used yet eclectic music shop. I salivated over an Elliot Smith poster.. I so miss him.. RIP

In a nutshell, that’s all we did in Portland. May not sound like much but our sightseeing did fill up a day.  I already miss Portland. The yummy coffee, divine food, and wonderful people.

If you are a fan of gourmet food, the great outdoors and killer indie music, please go visit Portland. It’s an American gem that’s hard to replicate and easy to love.

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