Seattle, Washington: Unleash your Inner Nerd

Seattle, Washington is known for their coffee, freshly caught salmon and for the space needle. If you are heavily into pop culture or watered down literature, it’s also the fictional home base for “50 Shades of Grey” and for some parts of the Twilight saga.

To me, I call it nerd capital. Seattle, Washington is home to Microsoft, Nintendo, Wizards of the Coast and EPM. Being a nerd, or even being called a nerd should be percieved as a high achievement.

Better that than a duh-head who wastes time on binge drinking, sleeping around and who experiment on a vast coctail of drugs. Nerds are smart, resourceful and do well in society. It’s common sense, that the nerd you may see in the hallways of your local high school can easily rise up and be your boss one day, fyi.

I digress, Seattle helped me unleash my inner nerd. I used my time there to try out new coffee shops ( Seattle is the coffee capital of the United States), visit the space needle, see Keanu Reeves jacket from “The Matrix” at EMP, and see the FIRST Starbucks at the Pike Market.

Want to know how else I unleashed my inner nerd? Read on!

Seattle Washington Itinerary

1.)  Chihuly Glass Blowing Museum.  It was like a Willy Wonka wonderland, without the edible candy. Different colors from the rainbow, blown, twisted and mangled into art.

2.) Space Needle. I guess it was tall and eerie looking. But when I was in Toronto, Canada last year, the tower there was, like, ten times bigger and more spectacular looking than this site.

3.) Seattle Coffee. No other coffee place compares to Phoenix cafe. Phoenix cafe makes decadent coffee with a gamut of unique flavorings. No other location in Seattle does that.

4.) EMP. As a fan of Keanu Reeves, I had to see his cloak from “The Matrix”. And I did, so haters be jealous! EMP also had a horror, rock, and science fiction section and satiated anyones taste. Whether you are a die-hard Kurt Cobain fan or wanted to learn more about the mechanics of zombies, EMP was the right place for you.

5.) Pike Market Place. As a bon vivant, I was at awe over the restaurant variety, architecture and even the people who triapsed, roamed and trekked the area. I wish I had more time to eat a complete meal there. Also, if you’re reading “50 Shades of Grey”, Anastasia Steele lives there.

6.)Nintendo. It sucked that the place was closed but atleast we had fun chilling at the headquarters. I was kind of hoping to run into Pikachu or Link from “Zelda” but, I guess, beggers can’t be choosers.

7.) Native American Totem Poles. Everywhere I turned, there were totem poles. I have no idea why, but Seattle is rich with Native American history apparently.

8.) Wild Ginger. I kind of hate that restaurant. It was the worst thai-esque food I ever had and even their ginger chicken made my mouth too dry. Never again!

9.) Gourmet food. Seattle is infamous for their food and as a foodie, I shelled out major cash on alot of gourmet food. I bought: Salmon Caught in the Wild, Fran’s Chocolate, Almond Roca, Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bar, Spokandy, and  Liberty Orchards fruit bars.  I’m not a fan of Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bar but I do love the Almond Roca, and the Liberty Orchards fruit bars, so delish’.

10.) Wizards of the Coast.  Sigh. I actually visited the place and was amazed and how nice the staff was there.  There were figurines that represented Magic, the card game, and I learned a bit about its backstory. I recommend that location if you’re an ardent fan of the game.

11.) Bainbridge Island. We took a ferry up there and had a wonderful time. Sipping on creamy italian sodas, scoping out home-y fixtures, and looking for Waldo, everywhere we went. It’s a quaint, quiet area that’s nice for a sunday afternoon.

12.) First Starbucks. Seattle is known as the birthplace of Starbucks. Naturally, I wanted to see it with my bare eyes and I did. The sign is a dark brown ( unlike its usual medium green) and it was obscurely hidden in the heart of the Pike Market Place.

The coffee choices mirrored what i’ve seen in other locations yet what makes this particular place stand out most was the rampant photography taking place, outside. Obviously, right. This is the first Starbucks, EVER! Who wouldn’t want to take a picture by it?

I hope to go back to Seattle, Washington again. I want to see more sights, eat more food and actually visit Forks ( Yes, from the book “Twilight”).

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