Faso Foods: J. David Washington at Ken Smaltz 4th Annual Fundraiser

Faso Foods Vice President, J. David Washington

Faso Foods Vice President,J. David Washington, attended the  Ken Smaltz  4th Annual Fundraiser that Benefit the Alzeheimer’s center at Parker Jewish Institute.

David bedazzled guests with his deep knowledge of European fare and impressed guests with Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolates as well.

Analogous to this spectacular fundraiser, is that J. David Washington also landed The London Candy Company on the Upper East Side.

Visit : www.fasofoods.com for more information.

About Faso Foods

Faso Foods is an international food management company supporting producers with import/export, warehousing, packaging, market research, sales and promotional activities.

We represent a diverse roster of categories including hot beverages, fruit juice, confections and grains, many of which are organic and fair trade, to fulfill the demand of the sophisticated specialty food market.

Also, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You instantly get entered into a drawing. Winners of the Faso Food Social Media Contest win a case of 6 Grashoff Belgian chocolate sauces.

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