Great Harvest Bakery in Rockville: Best Bakery in Maryland

Given the consumer-era we live in, it’s quite hard to find an affordable bakery that’s both delicious and urbane. Most baked goods can be found at your local Wegmans or Giant Food Store. Even though baked goods can easily be found in local grocery stores doesn’t necessarily equate to it being delicious, fresh and the best you can get.

If you want fresh, healthy and warm bread: visit Great Harvest Bakery in Rockville. It’s not rocket science or a tough mathematical equation. If you want to give your family or loved ones the best bread in Maryland, come to Great Harvest and be prepared for an aromatic experience.

No other bakery in the state of Maryland puts hard work, quality ingredients and congeniality into the core of  its being like Great Harvest in Rockville. I’ve been to bakeries around the state that had so-and-so service, hum-drum bread and no taste testings.Great Harvest exceeds all expectations since they put the customer first.

It’s one of the few bakeries in the state that crafts unique breads and that also respects different dietary restrictions. For instance, their challah bread is known for being the freshest most supple bread out there. Which can explain why droves of customers swarm the store every friday for a quick loaf before shabbat.

As a family owned company, Great Harvest serves as a community hang out spot where family and children can stroll in, sample different slices of bread for free, and even mingle with good friends.  Great Harvest, in many ways, is also a hidden gem. It’s one of the only bakeries in the state that has a mill in the store. Yes, an actual mill.

I visited the store awhile back and witnessed this rare event. I saw one of the bakers grab whole wheat grains ( they ALWAYS use whole wheat), from a bag, and grind it into a silver mill. After a couple cranks, the whole wheat turned into fresh flour. Apparently, Great Harvest grinds their wheat and uses that particular flour into each of their baked goods. I was simply in awe over the entire process.

If you come in for a free slice of bread, you may notice it has a fresh-from-the-oven taste. Yes, they bake all of their breads on the spot, just for you. Their breads are free of corn syrup and free of long jargony-sciency ingredients that can easily confound a person. Only fresh, normal ingredients are used in all baked goods.

Whew! I know i’m not the only one who is a fan of fresh bread made with honest to goodness ingredients. I can’t stand foods that have more chemicals than actual food in it.

I’m a complete addict for their Cinnamon blast bread! It’s sweet and doesn’t have an overriding cinnamon taste. Plus Great Harvest always has ample amounts of honey butter, and it’s the perfect spread for this and all of their other breads. I would know since I tried most of their breads already. Curious about what Great Harvest has to offer?  Read more to find out.

Bread Reviews

1.) Cinnamon Swirl: My personal favorite. Normally most cinnamon breads and desserts are either suffocated with cinnamon or lightly infused with it. Great Harvest Bakery was able to balance enough sweet and spice to make this bread a delight. Try it with honey butter!

2.) Challah: Shabbat is never complete without some challah bread. Great Harvest is reputeable as being the number one Challah spot in Maryland. It’s the only place that makes Challah taste light, airy and buttery while still using natural ingredients fresh from the bakery.

3.) Guinness n’ Gouda: If you are a self-proclaimed foodie than this is a must have. This savory n’ sweet bread has the perfect mix of fine ale and fresh Gouda. I personally like to add jalapeno jam into the bread so it gives it an extra kick.

4.) Chocolate Chip Pumpkin: Aside from this bread being super popular, it actually tastes pretty awesome. It doesn’t have that obnoxious pumpkin aftertaste most pumpkin breads have and the chocolate chips are more like chunks. Imagine chunks of chocolate embedded in a loaf of sweet, divine pumpkin bread. My nickname for it is YUM-kin bread, but that’s just me.

5.) Chocolate Babka: I’ve had Eastern European food, and normally am quite picky with what I eat. I normally dislike Babka since it normally has a dry, prosaic taste to it. In contrast, the chocolate babka exceeded my own expectations. It’s soft, creamy and delicate in my mouth. I guess I can only eat babka made at Great Harvest, since no other location knows how to make it right.

6.) Irish Cola Bread: Wow, is all I have to say. It’s not too sweet and has a unique after taste that’s actually pretty darn good. It’s like a tasty voyage to Ireland without the kilts and heavy accents. I would love to have a bread tasting party with this bread and some singular jams from niche gourmet markets. This is the perfect bread for taste testing and for TASTE-XPLORATION!

What’s also really unique about this store is that it carries decadent Belgian chocolate spreads. Yes, Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate spreads, ranging from dark chocolate with Brazilian chili to White Chocolate Coconut Rum are sold at this location. It’s the perfect addition to any bread order.Interested in getting high-quality bread? Visit Great Harvest’s Website here.

Great Harvest Bakery

 12266 Rockville Pike, 

 Rockville, MD 20852

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