Spice Crafters: PRIMO-27 is Meat’s Salvation

Meat. I love meat and I doubt that will ever change. I salivate for beef and lamb, but especially beef. Eating beef is quite easy, simply maneuver your fork and knife so can you cut appropriate portions and later consumer it in moderation.

Cooking beef is a different story. It’s not the easiest thing to do but there is one spice out there that can make your life easier: Spice Crafter’s PRIMO-27.

Spice Crafters is an urbane provider of high-end spice blends and seasonings.  The company’s goal is to:  bring the world a mash up of bold new flavors through a fresh interpretation of what’s delicious.

This spice is globally smart and fits with the current melting pot our generation has today. PRIMO-27 has a medley of spices melded and geared for bon vivant cooks who can discern different spices and tastes.

If you are into foods with a dynamic crossing of sweet, pungent, savory, tangy and hot kind of feel, then PRIMO-27 is right for you.

What I like most about this product is that revitalizes beef. You could be a culinary expert in American, Latin American, Caribbean, Asian, African and even Mediterranean fare, but if you can fix-up beef, you’re good in my eyes. This unique dynamic makes Grilling, Baking, Pan-frying, Stir-frying and Roasting an easy task to do.

Aside from beef, you can pretty much add it into any meat or veggie dish. It also goes great on salads, curries, stews, dips and anything else. It’s a multi-purpose spice that never cakes, mixed with world-class spices and is gluten-free. What a treat.

No barbecue or family gathering is ever complete without meat’s salvation. Are you interested in learning more about the company?

Visit their website here, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook too.

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