Faso Foods: Tastings with Dave at Eden Gourmet in New Jersey

 Grashoff’s Exquisite Luxurious European Belgian Chocolate Spreads have found a new home at Eden Gourmet in New Jersey. David Washington, Vice President of Sales at Faso Foods, spearheaded a luxurious chocolate tasting rife with “oohs”, “ahhs” and “I want mores.”

Last weekend, epicureans from South Orange New Jersey developed a strong predilection for Belgian chocolate spreads that only be described as “bliss in a jar”. Not only is this brand of chocolate inimitable, it served as an overall panacea for several choco-holics at Eden Gourmet.
“My son is a pastry chef. So I KNOW good chocolate”! Brenda Nero, South Orange, NJ”I LOVE the hazelnut! This is my favorite”! Rachelle Franklin”Wow!! Yummy”!!!   I. Diane Bobb from Union City, NJ

“I really like this chocolate! This is NO Hershey’s”!! Dalai from South Orange, NJ

“This is wonderful”! Julian Kramer, South Orange, NJ

“The Sicilian Blood Orange is AWESOME”!! Heather Barranco, owner of Dreamcakes(www.heatherbarranco.com)

“I am a foodie! The coconut, that one is the most interesting”!! Heather Barranco, owner of Dreamcakes (www.heatherbarranco.com)

“This is good! Not too rich, very different”! Unlike any chocolate I’ve ever tasted. Stacy, South Orange, NJ

“I love the white chocolate with fresh strawberries. When paired with a wafer, it’s like eating a wonderful strawberry wafer”. Shanee, Eden Marketplace, S. Orange (Cashier)

“I would serve this at a dinner party with champagne”. Lauren, South Orange, NJ

“I love the Dark chocolates. They taste so good….very smooth”! Stephanie, Eden Marketplace, S. Orange (Customer Service)

(Did you know it pairs well with creamy brie cheese?)
Mt. TAM cheese  provided by Cowgirl CreameryBrie Style and Urgelia(Spanish cheese)…pairs with simple dark chocolates, such as the Dark Bliss chocolate”Mt. TAM by Cowgirl Creamery is the creme de la creme of cheese! It is American-made in small batches. It will pair perfectly with Grashoff chocolates.” Daniel Epstein, cheese manager for Eden Marketplace in S. Orange, NJ. He has been with the store since it’s opening in 2008.

“Point Reyes Blue cheese pairs nicely with white chocolate. The texture is fudgy, rich and sumptuous!” Daniel Epstein

Pair the Chocolat/Chili with a marscapone cheese.

“Gouda cheese has a bit more complexity. Therefore it may or may not work well with certain chocolate.”-Angela Sanders

If you don’t live in South Orange New Jersey, fret not.Select gourmet stores such as Rodman’s in Washington D.C and Zabars in New York City carry Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate Spreads ranging from dark chocolate ginger all the way through to white chocolate with real strawberry pieces.
Eden Gourmet
1 South Orange Ave
South Orange, NJ 07079

Visit : www.fasofoods.com for more information.

About Faso Foods

Faso Foods is an international food management company supporting producers with import/export, warehousing, packaging, market research, sales and promotional activities.

We represent a diverse roster of categories including hot beverages, fruit juice, confections and grains, many of which are organic and fair trade, to fulfill the demand of the sophisticated specialty food market.

Also, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You instantly get entered into a drawing. Winners of the Faso Food Social Media Contest win a case of 6 Grashoff Belgian chocolate sauces.

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