New York City 2012: Zabars, Newsies on Broadway and Friendly Squirrels

Last weekend I stayed with my good friend Marian at Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. Unbeknownst to me, did I know we would be exhuming the city with rich experiences that are still salient in my memory.

Predictably, the only vestiges that I have from my previous adventures are pictures taken via Instagram. Unpredictably, did I know that in two short days, the following would happen to me.

NYC Adventures Included:

1.) Eating at the number 1 pizza spot in NYC, Grimaldi’s under the bridge.

2.) Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge, and seeing fruit art that you can eat.

3.) Eating funky looking pickles at the Farmer’s market at Central Park.

4.) Seeing the Intrepid change colors infrequently at night.

5.) Witnessed, first-hand, two squirrels eat out of my friend Marian’s hand.

I’m in front of Broadway, with Corey Cott, star of “Newsies”

6.) Finding Grashoff’s chocolate at Zabars, near Central Park. And hopefully getting Marian to try it in the near future.

7.) Finally seeing that Carly Jaepson music video for “Call me, Maybe” at the Bourbon Street Bar

8.) High School reunion! Seeing faces I haven’t seen in the last 6 or so years.

9.) Walking past Times Square and seeing a multitude of teens, tweens and faux-adults crowd around Corey Cott, star of the broadway show “Newsies”.

Naturally, I fit into the tween crowd since I look uber young and was able to get a pic with him. So lucky!

10.) Found an old edition of the game “Simon Says” in front of someone’s house in the Hell’s Kitchen area. I wonder  if it still works?

Bringing sexy back? Goldmember ( Austin Powers reference) is in the building..

11.) Hell’s Kitchen has a Japanese book store that sells Sailormoon mangas. Sailormoon, acclaimed tween-girl anime, is making a come back this year with newly refurbished comics and a brand new anime.

12.) MMmmMmm Schmackary’s! Me and the boyfriend pigged out on 6 of their cookies and quenched our thirst with their espresso smoothie.

13.) Saw Justin Timberlake’s bar “Southern Hospitality” but decided to walk away. I didn’t really feel like supporting N*SYNC that day, sorry guys!

14.) Dropped a pecan roll at Au Bon Pain, and walked away. Was later lectured by boyfriend for being too “Sherryn-like”..

I’m sure this list recapitulates my two day adventure well for some, but for others I know it doesn’t. Last year, I wrote sardonically how New York City is unique and pregnant with oddities.

This year, I was planning on writing about the gourmet treats I ate but due to my sluggishness, and overall indolent manner, I rather not. Sorry guys.

Marian and I in front of the Grashoff Display at Zabars. We both were salivating for some of their ginger chocolate spread. NOM!!

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