H mart: Strange and Exotic Fruits that Taste Pretty Good

Star fruit, lychee, dragon fruit and logan berry.

Apples, bananas and pears may be great fruit related staples for many but for me, it’s just not enough. There’s hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of fruits and vegetables out there that Westerners don’t even know about.

Above all, it’s not that hard to spot a rare fruit. Just visit your local H-Mart in Catonsville and fasten your taste-bud seat belts; get ready for a tasty adventure. I promise, after you try some of these exotic treats, you will feel a celestial aura build around your taste buds and feel like you’re in foodie heaven.

Awhile back, I visited my local H Mart and tried logan berry, lychee, star fruit and dragon fruit with a party of three. Some of the fruits were successful while the rest failed to make the mark. Interested in learning more. Read my exotic fruit review then.

Exotic Fruit Review

1.) Lychee: Once you peel the fruit, it has a soft fleshy center. It’s reminiscent of a grape yet has a distinct taste. I highly recommend this fruit. Also, don’t swallow the seed enmeshed in the center; unless you want to have a tree grow out of your belly than go for it.

2.) Dragonfruit:  The spikey, magenta outer layer can be intimidating for most but once you unravel the peel, the fruit inside is decent. It’s the only fruit I know that has white flesh dotted with tiny black seeds. If you have sensitive taste buds this is the right fruit for you. If you want something with pizzazz then this fruit is not right for you.

3.)Logan Berry:  You either love it or hate it. You peel off the brown shell and see a fleshy ball that’s 1/2 the size of lychee. Unlike lychee, it gives off a strong after taste that will probably entice or vex you. I, personally, liked it. Maybe if you have some magic berry, you may like it too?

4.) Star Fruit: Ugh. I bought the raw ones and it tasted super nasty. Supposedly, once the star fruit gets a deep yellow color, it’s suppose to taste semi sweet with a tart finish. Much to our dismay, it tasted sour and foul in my mouth. If you must try star fruit, make sure it’s ripe or you will be cursing your poor mouth with painful yet indelible memories.

To recapitulate these tastings, it’s good to try singular fruits but remember that you won’t always like what you try. Take a chance, and be ready to foster  your food know-how with some unpredictable tastings.

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