Last weekend, world-famous trend setter, Stevie Boi, helmed an eye-popping Pre-NYC fashion show at Washington D.C’s Shadow Room.     Stevie Boi’s new line, Studio 54, is rumored to be introducing something brand spanking new into the fashion industry. Stevie Boi, is known as a stylistic maverick in the industry since he is the godfather of Lady Gaga’esque glasses.

Stevie Boi’s Studio 54 pre-show was hosted by Heineken, and lucky guests were able to get a free shirt, bottle opener and drink from the company too! Stevie Boi is also an ardent fan of the brand given his deep Southern roots in Georgia. The fashion we witnessed was just a parse sampling of more to come this coming September, when Stevie Boi launches his fashion show during Mercedes Benz’s NYC Fashion week.

Vanessa, Dennis, and I were instantly enamored by Stevie Boi’s new glass line since it’s innovative, colorful and nothing we’ve ever seen before. His models poised with grace, and moved in a stealth fashion.

Shadow Room was an amazing venue too, since the rainbow lights from the ceiling clearly reflected on the model’s moves with ease. Tune into Sherryn Daniel’s blog in the upcoming week for a comprehensive entry on Stevie Boi’s D.C Fashion Pre-show! Hope you enjoyed a small preview on Stevie Boi’s Studio 54 line.

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Written by Sherryn Daniel

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sharing the Details (formerly Sherryn Daniel’s Blog), a comprehensive Gala and red carpet blog that provides the true sparkle with the D.C philanthropic and glamour scene.

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