Stevie Boi: Studio 54 Preview Line Before NYC Fashion Week

Shadow Room was blowing up last week. Acclaimed eye-shade creator Stevie Boi highlighted the DMV with a sneak peak at his Studio 54 Eye-Shade/ Apparel line.  Polka dots, glitter and stilettos trotted down rainbow tainted incandescent floors. The fashion was fierce and fiery.Too bad it was just a preview. My eyes are salivating for more. I wonder what else Stevie Boi has up his exquisitely styled sleeves?

The club was packed with fashionistas, trend-setters and glamazons. Anticipation was thickening the room since everyone was uber excited about Stevie Boi’s newest vision. His dreams solidified a few years ago when his innovative eye-wear caught Lady Gaga’s, Beyonce and Rihanna’s interest. He’s the first fashion designer, in the world, to up the ante in the eye-shade fashion world.

If it weren’t for Stevie Boi, celebrities wouldn’t be wearing cloth-lensed glasses and be able to see through them. Neither would they even have spikes, needles or eclectic matter encroached on their eye-wear. Imagine Lady Gaga with boring shades? It could’ve happened  but luckily it didn’t since Stevie Boi revolutionized eye-wear, forever.

Heineken sponsored the D.C preview show at Shadow Room. Stevie Boi LOVES Heineken due to his deep Southern roots.

If you’re a fan of Heineken, then you would’ve loved the free gifts from the Studio 54 Pre- Show in D.C. Snug fit t-shirts, bottle openers and a copious supply of Heineken quenched everyone’s thirsts that night.

Stevie Boi’s show averred Willy Wonka’s existence. His fashion line made delicious candy a reality! Stevie Boi is the Willy Wonka of scrumptious eye-wear.

Overall, the show was a momentous success. Stevie Boi supporters and fans were awe-struck with his latest fall line coming out. Naturally, Stevie Boi only showed D.C denizens a sampling of his work. This year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Show will truly unveil celestial magic only Stevie Boi could unleash.

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