H-Mart: Exotic Fruit Tasting Part 2

If you read last week’s entry about H-Mart having exotic fruits, and are enticed by their varied selections, I am sure this entry will only progress those desires, further.

H-Mart has ALOT of exotic fruits. Remarkably so, even this entry can’t contain every single fruit that the store even has. I can only deduce, based on past visits, that H-Mart has between 20-25 different kinds of fruits available for your future nosh-fests.

Korean Melon, Rambutan, Quince, Asian Pear, (RIPE) Starfruit, and Dragon Fruit

For the second H-mart: Exotic Fruit Tasting series, I ( as well as two others) have devoured the following this week.

Exotic Fruits

1.) Korean Melon: Peeling and cutting the melon into quarters wasn’t too hard. It’s funny that for most of these fruits, I had to Google instructions on how to cut and eat them. Korean melon has a strong, melon-like texture and a subtle melon taste. It’s like a poor man’s cantaloupe, taste wise. I can see it being served in addendum with stronger exotic fruits, but not so often on its own.

2.) Asian Pear: My favorite. Pear like texture but with a soft crunch. I love the blissfully light sweet aftertaste and the texture is easy to chomp on.

3.) Quince: I hate it. Peeling this asymmetrical fruit, cutting it into cumbersome pieces and eating this brownish fruit was a hassle for me.  It’s so sour that I do not recommend this to anyone, at all.

4.)Star Fruit: This fruit is making a comeback on my website. It tastes  so much better when it’s ripe. Make sure, when you buy this fruit, it has a yellow shell. It’s partially sweet and tempered with some sourness. But, overall, not so bad.

5.) Rambutan: If we are talking about appearances, this fruit is such an anomaly. It looks like a bleeding sea urchin waddling awkwardly in a cornucopia of fruit. If you plan on eating this fruit, just cut it in half and squeeze out the fleshy white meat out of its strange shell. Do not eat the seed enmeshed in the middle of the fruit. It’s tastes okay, and kind of reminds of lychee a bit.

Are you an H-Mart fruit addict? If so, and know of any other exotic fruits I should try:please comment below 🙂


  1. Let me premise this by saying I have not actually been to H-Mart before, but I was recently told H-Mart carries exotic fruits. I am a huge fruit fanatic, passionate about trying new fruits so I like your post here. The following is a list of my favorite, tastiest exotic fruits, and you’ll have to let me know whether H-Mart carries them:

    #1: Mangosteen – (no, not a type of mango) if you haven’t tried this fruit, you are missing out big time. This small but delicious fruit tastes like a combo between a white grape and a peach. Also known for its large quantities of anti-oxidants. Known as a superfruit.

    #2: Pomello – Basically an upgrade to a grapefruit — Far larger, far sweeter, very enjoyable.

    #3: Passionfruit – That sweet / tart flavor is amazing if you like tart fruits in general

    #4: Persimmons – These tomato-looking fruits are absolutely delicious – very sweet flavor, simply incredible, but be forewarned: do NOT eat these when they are not ripe, as they will leave you with some bad cotton mouth if you do.

    #5: Acai Berries – Very unique and amazing tasting, but where the hell can you actually find these in fruit form? H-Mart (I pray to God?) Most often found in liquid or dry form … I’ve been trying to get my hands on the real deal for quite some time but with no luck…

    #6: Alphonso Mangos – a variety of mango that is simply the best and the juiciest.

    #7: Ranier Cherries – You’ve probably seen these at the local safeway, but best cherries ever.

  2. Not sure if they carry these as I have yet to go to H Mart this week and haven’t been there in ages. But if they ever have the ones listed below, they are a must try for fruit lovers!

    1) Jackfruit – It has a scaly dinosaur-like skin with little yellow pods on the inside. They are so sweet when ripe and the sap is so sticky. They are like a marshmallow with a little taste of pineapple. So good!

    2) Papaya – One of my favorite fruits, but you can find them everywhere. Maybe they are cheaper at H Mart. They are great for you as well and taste like a melon even though they aren’t of the same species as melon.

    3) Sweet Sop – Sweet and chewy. Take out the seeds and then cut it in pieces. It tastes like strawberry pineapple to me.

    4) Cherimoya – Similar to Sop. Love it 🙂

    5) Star Apple – Beautiful purple color. Has a sponge cake like texture and sweet.

    6) Lychee – Similar to rambutan because they are from the same family. Sweeter than a grape, but tastes like a grape.

  3. U made me laugh that for sweet purposes u google instructions for sweet fruit tasting. Because I am looking for my family to bring my dream become fruitful including indulging in baby coconuts and mangoes pears bananas plums peaches watermelons and longing for a cool home year round with beautiful Nongu fruits which is so popular and I can’t find in Hmart

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