Great Harvest in Rockville: Will have Grashoff’s Belgian Style Babka Breads!

Maryland’s best bakery is introducing a new link of Babka breads for foodie enthusiasts with a more refined palate. Great Harvest in Rockville, wanted to give patrons a special present as part of their BIG MOVE recently to a new location by unveiling a new line of Belgian Chocokage Babka breads made with Grashoff’s very own Belgian chocolate sauces. As part of the new move deal, if you buy a loaf of Grashoff’s New Belgian babka breads for $11.00, you get a jar of Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate for $5.00 ( original price is $10.00).

Dan, the genius behind this new bread line, created breads with the following Grashoff spreads: White Chocolate Bliss, Dark Chocolate Bliss, Milk Chocolate Bliss, and Coconut Rum. Each bread has a unique taste that’s inimical by other babka breads. Swirls of lush chocolate gush out of each bite and I  promise you this, you’re mouth will be enveloped with a regal aftertaste. Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate was invented for high-end gourmet foodies, and this babka bread is not for those with unrefined palates.

In celebration of Sherryn Daniel’s Blog passing 200,000 hits, Great Harvest in Rockville allowed me to NAME each of the Babka breads. How cool is that?  

I was honored by this task and humbled by the opportunity. I tasted each bread, examined it for what makes it so singular, and examined what made them look so scrumptious. After  twenty minutes of deliberation, this is what I came up with:

Grashoff’s Belgian Babka Bread Names

1.) White Reverie:  When it came to naming each bread, I didn’t want the names to come off as bombastic or pretentious. Instead I wanted my taste-buds to do all of the talking. White Reverie, in a nutshell, encompasses what the bread tastes like. We use Grashoff’s White Belgian Chocolate, and white chocolate chips for aesthetic purposes. After I devoured one slice, I really did feel like I succumbed to a warm, white chocolate reverie. It was quite refreshing and enlightening all the same.

2.) Noir: Even though Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate brand is German, it does have European undertones. Which is why I chose Noir (which means dark in French) as the name for this particular type of bread. We use our richest, darkest chocolate and ensure that each bite will blind your senses and conclude it with a blissful finish.

3.) Chocolate Chocolate:  We use milk chocolate for this babka bread and in a way, it’s a bit of a running joke. I’ve met people who would want to try “chocolate chocolate” and would often refer to milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate. If you think about this logically, chocolate chocolate, should refer to dark since the denotation means it’s dark chocolate versus milk chocolate. I wanted to name it Chocolate squared as well but I felt that would deplete the joke out of its delicious humor. Oh well, it’s super tasty and goes very well with a glass of milk.

4.) Island Temptation:  If you are a diehard fan of Grashoff’s Coconut Rum spread than this is the bread for you. I feel like I am eating food indigenous to a high-end bakery in the carribean. I’ve been to Barbados and have had exorbitantly priced breads and I can assure you, this bread trumps it. It’s smooth, rich with a coconut bite. I wanted to eat this entire babka loaf on the spot but know that moderation is key. If you ever have a family get together or have close friends over, please invite this bread over. It would liven up conversation and loosen people up.

Interested in getting your own loaf of Babka bread? Check out: Great Harvest in Rockville, located on 122666 Rockville Pike Suite N, Rockville, Maryland 20852. Hours, as stated on the website is : Monday-Friday 7am-7pm * Saturday 7am-6pm * Sunday Noon -5pm. Click here to check out their website!

Visit : for more information.

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  1. This ain’t a cheap babka ($15—the priciest of all) but if you’re a chocoholic, maybe it’s worth the splurge. There’s triple chocolate action happening here: mini chocolate chips and melted chocolate drizzles on top, and the swirls in the loaf itself. There aren’t many swirls—you may be digging for a while before finding a goldmine piece, but what’s there is good-quality chocolate. The bready part could be moister, but the edges are nice. Especially if you get a piece with the crumbly topping.

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