Rock the Bells 2012: I totally missed Nas, Scarface and Ms. Lauryn Hill

Me, Salt and Pepper, Ice Cube and Common

Better late then never! I have this really bad tendency to go to an amazing concert yet forget to cover it on this blog. I mean, I just saw Kendrick Lamar at Howard theater and even went to half of Bonnaroo this summer but I simply didn’t write about it. I won’t make that awful mistake with Rock the Bells this year.


I’ve always wanted to go to this show since this pretentious hipster I knew, since high school, bragged about going to the one in New York every year with this guy who sorta but not really liked her.  Her colorful yet bombastic stories about amazing rappers at previous  Rock the Bells shows enticed me a lot (minus the tales of binge drinking, etc). I wanted to experience real old school Hip Hop sung by people who love what they do. Who rap for us and not for the bling.

Jay-Z Rant Part 1

I had my choice between going to Rock the Bells or going to Jay Z’s Made in America. I made the right choice and stuck with Rock the Bells since I was able to see Salt and Pepper ( Direct front row), Ice Cube ( fourth row), and Common ( unsure row). I also saw Deltron 3030, Method and Redman, Jadakiss, Murs and Ghostface Killer.

Jay-Z Rant Part 2

I’m not even afraid to say that Jay Z was being manipulative when he set his festival on the SAME weekend as Rock the Bells in the SAME vicinity too. New Jersey and Philadelphia are not that far apart and it’s a shame Hip Hop fans had to choose between Old school and Poor School ( Jay-Z aka  THE SELL-OUT, Drake,  Rick Ross, etc..) I have no idea why Jay-Z wanted to disrespect the Wu Tang clan but he selfishly did.  Anyways, sorry for my Hip Hop flavored rant but I had to get this out in the open.

Jay-Z Rant Conclusion

Besides, he owes a HUUUUGE debt of gratitude to Wu Tang Clan. If it weren’t for them ( especially RZA), would Hip Hop artists be able to brand themselves? Make millions? Be able to set themselves apart amongst the masses? I doubt it. So respect the Wu and stop playing games Jay Z! Just STOP!Enough of that vitriolic rant from my caustic little mouth! Anyways, I really, really wanted to see Nas but J.Cole was super boring. I couldn’t endure his poorly strung ballads and half enunciated tirades so I dashed out.

Miss you Scarface 😦

I ruefully regret that decision since right after I left, I heard “My Block” by Scarface come on. Apparently, Nas brought Scarface ( the Godfather of Southern rap) and Ms. Lauren Hill ( R and B Queen of great ballads). Just my luck! I miss three amazing emcees all because I couldn’t stomach J.Cole any longer.


Lucky for me, I snagged tickets for V-fest this year and Nas is opening up! Will he bring Lauren Hill or Scarface? We’ll find out October 6, 2012 at Merriweather Post Pavillion 🙂

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