Leyla’s Foods Authentic Coffee Sauce: Easy Frapps and Addictive Sundaes

Leyla's 2A few weekends ago, I was at Rodman’s by Friendship Heights, and had a great opportunity to traverse the store. Naturally, Rodman’s in D.C has rare European goods that tantalized my eyes. After I satiated my eyes ( and later my mouth) with delicious treats, I found this cute demo taking place by the produce aisle.

Droves of customers ( and avid foodies) were slurping up vanilla ice cream doused in this mysterious  sauce. I couldn’t help but notice the smiles plastered on people’s faces and was wondering if this mysterious sauce was the reason? After I met Ron, General Manager of Leyla & Sons, I was floored with the possibilities this delicious coffee sauce  can bring into my kitchen.

With this sauce alone you can make creamy frappuccinos,  singular coffee drinks, spruce up a sundae, enrich oatmeal, revitalize a marinade and do all sorts of concoctions.  If you check Leyla’s Foods website here you will be able to learn more about this magical coffee sauce.

I’m a hardcore coffee addict and am totally in LOVE with this sauce. I feel like I am going to use up my small supply soon since it’s super delicious.

In honor of http://www.sherryndaniel.com reaching 200,000 hits, readers and fans of the blog will be able to try Leyla’s Foods Authentic Coffee Sauce  FOR FREE!  

This Saturday, October 12, 2012, I am having a blog party at an undisclosed location in Silver Spring. If you want to come   celebrate and to also  try this addictive elixir please send me an e-mail at: SherrynDaniel@gmail.com. From there I will give you more information about the time and location.

About Leyla’s Foods Authentic Coffee Sauce

In 2009, we formed Leyla’s Foods to share a homemade recipe with the world-at-large. Nowhere else would one find an Authentic Coffee Sauce. After almost three years of recipe development, material sourcing and support searching we are finally in a position to share a great coffee taste that can be enjoyed by the spoonful. We take great pride in and hope others will enjoy the taste of our sauce as much as we do. Our goal here at Leyla’s Foods is to show others that through love, perseverance and support from those who care, anything is possible.

We also hope to sell lots of Coffee Sauce! Initially designed as a dessert topping for ice cream, we have since discovered its usefulness as an ingredient in food recipes such as cake/cupcake batter and buttercream frosting. Check out our recipe page for other exciting and useful recipes.

The namesake of our company and our creative director for food development, Leyla, raised two sons as a single mother, and as a proud grandmother of two she is committed to giving back by assisting the needs of single mothers, specifically the educational needs of their children. For that reason, Leyla’s Foods is dedicated to donating a share of the profits to charitable organizations that support single mothers.

So help us help each other and enjoy this one-of-a-kind culinary delight. Our Coffee Sauce started as a dream and thanks to you, it is quickly becoming a reality!

Follow Leyla’s Foods Facebook here, Twitter here and contact them directly here.

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