Haus of Shay: Shay’s Advice on How to Combat Fashion Blunders

In continuation with last week’s article Haus of Shay: The Only Designer to Turn a Murder Case into a Fashion Line, Shay the designer is quite sagacious when it comes to dressing up for all occasions.  Not only can she rule a runway but she knows how to dress to impress for parties, the workplace and even for family events.

Did you know that “Haus of Shay designs haute-coutour for all sorts of fashionistas. Her seasoned experiences have solidified her as an expert in the accessories field and she has the know-how to fix your style drama in a cinch. In these 5 scenarios, here’s how Shay can amend each fashion faux paus with a confident brand of fashion tips for women in the Baltimore area.”

1.) Let’s say you have a budget of $45 bucks, and you have to buy an entire outfit for this important party. It’s at a trendy club, and your crush is going to be there. What would you do?

First, know your personal style. Second, figure out if you want to wear a dress, leggings, etc. Third, check out some of your fave fashion magazines…get inspired. Then, recreate the look for less! Top it off with some dope accessories that coordinates!  In my opinion, accessories are definitely a conversation sparker.  So in that case, your crush will notice you and want to learn more about you and your outfit!

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2.) I’ve been wearing the same outfit to church for the past 4 years, what should I wear? I know I must dress humble but I naturally like to stand out. What do I do?

I’m not the biggest fan of color, so if I go neutral I’ll add a pop of color as the focal point, that always gives me my color dosage. Incorporate color, try some basic layering with blazers or cardigans , statement accessories, or a bag! You can still be modest and conservative, but still fashion forward. Don’t neglect a cute pair of pumps or flats from your wardrobe!

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3.) I just graduated college, and I want to make a good impression at job fairs, interviews and networking functions. I want to dress professionally without giving off an impression that I am uptight. How do I go about this

Times have definitely changed with fashion in the workplace. I say always go neutral from hair to nails, clothes, and shoes. However, you don’t want to look boring. It’s always good to stick with your classic pieces (blazers, blouses, slacks, etc) for this situation. Wear a black, well fitting pencil skirt, tailored cut blazer, and nude or black pumps. Accessories should be kept at a minimum. Basic stud earrings, one ring, and a bracelet will be suffice. Don’t pull out the leopard print just yet if this is an interview for Corporate America…save that for your 2nd day if you get the job!

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4.) I’m at this high-end party at D.C, and I spilled punch on my light brown dress. How do I cover up those stains and are there any accessories that can cover it up, so I can still wear that dress in the future.

Of course walk quickly to the restroom and don’t trip in your heels! try to get the stain out with warm soap and water first, which will leave a big wet spot.  I actually had a friend who experienced this. Thankfully, he was carrying one of my faux leather bags from my line. The bags are definitely big enough to conceal most wardrobe malfunctions from the waist down. Go get one! ; Use the bag to conceal the stain…it works!

5.) School is starting, and I am excited about college. Problem is I don’t know what to wear. HELP!

First day of school you should go for that “smart” look, as our friends in the UK say it. No heels please. Ultimately, school is not a fashion show. Be comfortable, confident, and fashionable of course.

You can wear some skinny jeans or trousers, leopard print loafers, over-sized cardigan, chiffon button up top, and a cool bag that can hold your school essentials.  You will be on trend, but using all classic pieces, and comfortable enough.

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Do you need help with your wardrobe? Or better yet, need to get more accessories?  Contact Shay here!

In lieu of Sherryn Daniel’s Blog commemorating 200,000 hits, Haus of Shay will sponsor a New York Fashion Week Glam Shot event  October 12, 2012. Interested in attending the 200,000 party? E-mail me at: and I can put you on the guest list.

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