200K Hits Blog Party: Best Gourmet Food in the D.C/Maryland/Virginia Area

I am sure many of you were nonplussed about this blog entry. A MONTH AGO. Yes, there was a catchy title and a convivial picture of me and my comrades (including a picture of Blogger Jen Kuhn, creator of Kuhniverse) but there were no words to entice anyone. No words to inform, humor or even cajole you to even be a subscriber to my website.

I have a veracious excuse for my laconic state for the past month. I was busy.

I had classes, work, and was stuck in Los Angelas due to Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy…

Forgive me?

Thanks a bunch 🙂

Regardless, my 200,ooo hit blog party was a hallmark for this website and even for foodies in the DMV area since 27+  guests sampled, reviewed and reveled at the gourmet snacks we had. I have an encomium for the many companies that sponsored this party, thank you  from the bottom of my heart for being geniuses in making amazing food. Faso Foods, Graeters, Great Harvest of Rockville, Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden, Haus of Shay ( Fashionable Eye-wear not food) and Leyla’s Foods, my guests were fortunate enough to learn what good food is suppose to taste like thanks to you.

Graeters Ice Cream ( best ice cream in the entire world) donated a few pints of their fall favorites, and coupons for guests. Faso Foods donated 6 varieties of Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate spreads and ensured that guests had croissants to dab it with.

Everyone loved making sundaes with Layla’s Food’s Coffee sauces, Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate sauces and on Graeters Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. NOM! 🙂

Great Harvest of Rockville donated their acclaimed challah breads and their pumpkin spice bread while Leyla’s Foods donated two jars of their delectable coffee sauces plus cupcakes from CakeLove that use their coffee sauces into their coffee flavored cupcakes. Lastly, Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden, donated chocolate truffles that they personally retrieved from Montreal, Canada. Om nom nom, we all were in Foodie heaven!

Party-goers had alot to say about the food they ate at this party. Many of them were pleased and most of them were falling deeper and deeper in love with particular brands as we speak. Read more to find out.


I love Graeters ice cream. I’m an actor, originally from Youngstown, Ohio and I crave their mint chocolate chip often. I can’t believe your party has this and that I can go to Fresh Markets and get some whenever I want it. Thanks Sherryn!

-Nick, from next door

I love.love.LOVE those chocolate truffles! I have to visit Ma Petite Shoe in the future!! I WANTED to try the cupcakes, but I didn’t have time.

-Jen Kuhn, Blogger ( Kuhniverse)

I learned a new word today that would apply to those little square chocolates as well as the cupcakes: hyperpalatable. Those chocolates and the cupcake I had were soooo yummy. I had a cupcake with coffee frosting. I guess you might be able to tell that I have a bit of a sweet tooth…

-Brent Beane, Mr. Lovable 

I love the chocolate truffles, cupcakes, leylas coffee sauce and that Belgian chocolate sauce!!

-Fahad Mahmood, a fun guy

I had the chocolate spreads and ice cream + coffee syrup thing. That was all great 🙂:) I’m not even a big coffee fan, but it was pretty good! I really liked the chocolate spreads too.

– Vanessa Liang, friend from way back when..

The bread was delicious. Yum! I also really like the ice cream and all of the spreads too..

– Eric Dee, boyfriend of Vanessa

I really liked the breads, sauces and was totally into those coffee flavored cupcakes. So addictive!

– Kris Taylor, a new friend I made at the party

Testimonials tend to state what people like but pictures can embolden strong emotions, feelings and thoughts right away. It’s a good thing I was able to take a few candid shots at my party as a sure fire way to capture multiple “Food-Gasms” take place.

Pictures  worth a thousand YUMS!

Cyriac loved the sundae section. I could clearly tell, as an observer, he will be a lifelong fan of Leylas Foods coffee sauces, Graeters, Grashoff’s and Great Harvest of Rockville.
Ma Petite Shoe gave Dennis a great first impression. Those truffles were delightful!
After he ate Great Harvests Cinnamon and Pumpkin breads, he doused his sundae with Leyla’s Foods Coffee Sauces!
Graeters ice cream is a great way for couples to unwind.
Cyriac can’t hide his love for Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate any longer. He needs it, he wants it.. he LOVES it!!

Well the pictures have it. D.C area residents love good food and know what’s delicious. Everyone who attended this party said the food provided was phenomenal and I couldn’t agree more. Taste buds were pervaded with rich goodness that only haute-cuisine could only provide.

Interested in getting in contact with these gourmet titans? Visit their websites right below!!

1.) Faso Foods

2.) Graeters Ice Cream

3.) Great Harvest of Rockville

4.) Leyla’s Foods

5.) Ma Petit Shoe

Tune in next time to read part 2 of my 200K blog party entry, sure the food was spectacular but some insane shenanigans went down that night…

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