200k Hits Blog Party: Gangnam Style, Magic Berry, and Free-style Rapping

Vanessa and Eric donning some cool shades from Haus of Shay!

As the crowd burgeoned from 5 to 27+ people, festivities took place. Here’s a listing of what happened:

1.) Make your own sundae featuring Graeters ice cream, Leyla’s Foods coffee sauce and Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate

2.) Gangnam Style Dance-off

3.) Henna art

4.) Eating Exotic fruits with the Magic Berry

5.) Mix Drink Competition

6.) Freestyle Rapping

7.) Table Tennis

8.) Silly String Hao

9.) A Toast

10.) Make smores on an open fire

11.) New York City Fashion  Poses sponsored by Haus of Shay

12.) Hair dying

13.) Pinata

After people pigged out on our gourmet sundaes, many of us were trying to figure out how to do Gangnam style. If you don’t know what gangnam style is, then surely, you must have been living under a rock for the latter half of this year. Gangnam style is a dance and song created by South Korean pop sensation Psy that has captivated the entire world. Some say it’s the newest macarena and it will surely fade after awhile. While others, like me, feel like this trend will be a new way of life.

Anyways,  I put up the Youtube clip and everyone tried their hardest to comprehend this whimsical dance. Only one person mastered it and her name is Purti.

She was our maestro for the night and taught everyone how to Gangam style.

Ravi, Jen and Cyriac! Jen was the Gangnam style judge and said I won. I can’t believe I actually won 🙂

After we all danced our hearts out, Shay from Haus of Shay came over. She was armed with her best accessories and was ready to stylize people at the party.

I was impressed with my friend Jill. I had no idea she could bring sexy back with that pose? Everyone else was surrounding Shay as she was giving orders and setting everything up. I was surprised that we were able to pull off a NYC fashion show stunt in the middle of a rambunctious blog party. Who knew?

After the fashion show, Jason Eric Coleman debuted his freestyling skills to the masses. Everyone lauded him for spitting out lyrics at the speed of light. He was fast, articulate and expounded rich details. After his scintillating performance, anyone who had some pent up frustration took it out on an innocent pinata outside. Fahad brought a pinata full of candy and i’m sure everyone wanted a piece of it.

It was a rule that before you hit the pinata that you had to eat the “special” gummy bears first. What makes the gummy bears so special is that it’s been soaked in vodka for three days. Muahaha! That didn’t really affect Reese though since he decimated the pinata with just one hit.

Barbara and Dennis were judges for the mixed drink competition. After a couple bouts of consuming overly strong concoctions, they both later agreed on a winner.

The mixed drink competition was a heated battle. Drink makers were resolute in making the best drink while us bystanders ogled to see how these novices could pull something like that off.

Out of these three contenders, who do you think won the competition? Was it Nick and his strong liquor concoction? Was it Dhru and his sweet yet tart juice? Or was it Shay and her nectarine that was sweet with a light kick? Barbara and Dennis agreed that Nick should be the winner since they both like their mixed drinks to be extra strong! Nick won a coupon for Graeters ice cream and I am sure he will cash it in at Fresh Markets!

In between each event, I was able to create a Henna design on one woman’s arm, dye my friend Vanessa’s hair with three different colors and witness Hao create multiple wine stains on the carpet. Since Hao was making a mess, Barbara and agreed on a plan of action. It bites that I don’t have a picture of this so I hope your imagination will suffice.

I bought 6-12 bottles of silly string and Barbara and I stealthily gave them to people at the party. On the count of three, we silly stringed Hao into a corner. Our goal was to put him into a cocoon. I think it worked? Andrew  knew what I was doing so he tilted his silly string can to my head and gave me a beehive. I was disgruntled, of course, but I guess that’s what karma feels like.

Towards the end of the night, Jason challenged some people to a bouncing ball competition and won. Barbara and Brent played table tennis and the rest of the gang made smores by an open fire. By the end of the night, I found out Jason ate my coconut cupcake. He bit it once and left it alone. I was heartbroken that night since I knew I would’ve consumed the whole thing.

Magic berry tasting with exotic fruit from H-Mart! Hurray 🙂

Jen, Andrew, Dhru, and Dennis and I decided to have fun with the magic berry. We ate lemons, loganberry, rambutan, jack fruit, guava, mamonicillo, papaya, sweet lemon, and cherimoya. I wish I had more magic berry to share but I guess it was Darwinism at work. I decided to give out the magic berry to whomever was receptive into trying something new. A few people at the party repudiated this opportunity, and I truly pity them. It was a wonderful opportunity!

Nevertheless, I’m so fortunate to have good friends, strong readers and a supportive network. This was the best blog party I ever threw and I have no idea how I am going to top 300K or even 500K in the future. I was even more surprised when everyone threw me a toast, out of the blue, and congratulated me on my website’s success!

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