Rest in Peace Hostess, You Will Be Missed

 Normally, I don’t do “current affairs” entries since I oft-times find them to be nugatory or even a picayune detail in my life. But the moment I woke up around 6:30 a.m and read, on, that Hostess was going into bankruptcy and will liquidate all of their assets, I knew that this morning will be a time of mourning.

Hostess is going to lay off all of their employees, close their businesses and even sell their iconic brands. Apparently, a national strike has been running rampant and there are droves of angry bakers who have unmet needs. Resources are scanty  and bakers unions are outraged that their salaries are minuscule, at best.

According to multiple news resources, Twinkies, Wonderbread and even DingDongs will live on since other companies can buy them but I really want you to think about this closely. Star Wars will live on but DISNEY bought them!! Just because something will live on, doesn’t mean that it will live well.

Why is America changing so fast 😦

Growing up, I knew I could depend on a sweet escape after school. I was never one to finish an entire Twinkie, Ho Ho or Snowball but always ravished each bite. It’s always been there since the moment I was born and now, at the rough old age of ‘nunyabusiness’, I feel like times are changing so fast.

What’s next, Cheetohs?? Will I have to kiss good bye Dr.Pepper too? It’s bad enough I am never going to eat at Chi-Chi’s since they closed down, like, 7 years ago but this travesty is more than anyone can take. WTF!

A part of me wants to blame obnoxious organic food freaks and people who are too obsessed with eating right, just because it’s the “cool thing” to do. However, I know that pointing fingers can’t take the pain away. Nothing can really.

All I can do is mourn and remember the good ole’ days.

So Rest in Peace Hostess, we had a great ride.

RIP Hostess 1930-2012

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