Eating Ben’s Chili Bowl’s half smoked…. in a limo?

Dennis Tran, Love Guru to DMV Engineers, had a birthday in a limo… and then we ate at BEN’s CHILI BOWL!! NOM!

I am not a baller, a high roller nor do I have a tree growing cash in my backyard. Nope. But I did party in a limo last weekend to celebrate Dennis Tran Love Guru to DMV Engineers, birthday.  For the first 2 hours, it was just me surrounded with 6-7  Engineers. Yes, I was the queen of the DMV engineers and I had a great time ruling over everyone with prompt alacrity. Though I wasn’t omniscient, like an actual Queen, I was amused with the maroon limo and felt so regal due to the ornate trimmings inside the vehicle.

Photo op? Jason Eric Coleman ( birthday boy+ Freestyling rapper), Dennis Tran ( DMV Love Guru to Engineers), engineer 1, engineer 2, me, engineer 3, and engineer 4.

The ‘Sherryn Dynasty’ ended when we picked up Kathy! From that moment onwards, it was a shared experience so it later became the ‘Sherryn + Kathy Dynasty’. How two women reign over a platoon of engineers, and triumph over random upheavals.

The interior was phenomenal. We were beset with champaign glasses, speakers and privacy. Lest not forget chilled water bottles tucked away for our disposal.

We took the limo all the way up to Dupont Circle and made pitt stops around the area. Everyone’s favorite spot was Madhatter since the music was kray, the club scene was lively and we all were able to unwind together. For the first 30 minutes, I was getting a complimentary dance lesson from Gerald, the sagacious dancer.

I learned how to salsa and do the hustle and was quite impressed that he taught himself how to dance due to watching copious amounts of youtube. What a fast learner!

Photo by Joshua Getty

Ever since President Obama snacked on a half smoked at Ben’s Chili Bowl, long queues have been riddling U street. In spite of us rolling out of a sexy limo, we had to wait in line for 20 minutes to actually order something to eat. Hmph!

After getting our grub, we concluded our night in the limo:Eating D.C’s finest in the lap of luxury. After reading this entry, I am sure you feel like I am omitting some juicy details.  I did. I admit it.

If you want to know what really happened than read this synopsis and if you feel that this entry is deleterious, ominous, or even an onus in your life, than I feel sorry for you. Really, I do.

Dennis and Jason’s  Birthday Highlights

1.) Jason was late! So for two extra hours the party was getting uber hungry. We got so hungry, that  Gerald accidentally opened up Jason’s present ( Grashoff cranberry sauce) and  there on in, we all ate half of it. Dennis and Gerald loved it. After eating Grashoff’s cranberry sauce, we stopped being rueful and hid the rest in the fridge, so Jason wouldn’t be able to find it.

2.) Hao came late to the party due to a boisterous wedding. For the next three hours, I had my nose pinched and my head scratched since Hao wanted to treat me like his pet cat. Wine can do crazy things to you, I suppose.  I did not meow for him, if that’s what you were thinking?

3.) Jason Eric Coleman, the birthday boy, was an amazing rapper. He rapped on-the-go and made up lyrics as he went. It was a refreshing show since he’s not only talented but we didn’t have to shell out $100 bucks to see him. Like we would do if we were at a Jay-Z concert ( total RIP-OFF).

4.) An embittered marine gave Dennis “The Four Horseman” shots that night, and later regaled to him how many notches he has up his belt and the body count he accrued due to his sharp shooting skills. I guess that was our cue to leave?

5.) The party ended by 3 a.m but I was up til 6 a.m helping one engineer come to terms with the Yellow Power Ranger’s death in 2001, since he was in love with her at 8 years old. The tears welling up in his eyes were painful and I felt pangs of guilt for evincing so much pain in his life.

To compensate for my “Debby Downer Moment” I showed  another engineer  funny clips of Robert L. Hines as Toby Jones and Maxwell Street ( Watch the clip below to get a hearty laugh for the day).

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