California: Celebs, Adventures and Sunshine

Sion, Robert L. Hines, Me at Yamashiro, a restaurant inside a 600+ year old Japanese building. Before eating, we saw the sunset above the Hollywood sign. How classy!

It’s hard and almost impossible to condense two weeks into 500 or less words, so why even try. Instead of concluding my Cali trip entry with words, I figure pictures with brief descriptions would more than suffice.

Sion and I were suppose to stay in California for just a week but Frankenstorm sidetracked us. In a nutshell, here’s a compendium on the rest of our vacation. 

Sion and I hung out with Robert L. Hines, famous comedian known for his “Jones Cheap Ass yard” clips,  his manager Jack and  Eileen, the casting director behind three “High School Musical” films.

Sion and I had sake sangria, ate appetizers indigenous to Yamishiro, Hollywood’s treasured foodie spot, and had a free magic show from the bartender. He turned my 2o dollar bill into a 1 dollar bill, and from then on, our eyes were glued.

Before the show,  a confused looking man ambled into to bar and started to brag to Eileen that he’s Hollywood royalty. Naturally, everyone was confounded by this man’s tall tale. He spoke in a precipitous manner and gloated that his father was  the uncle from “Dukes of Hazzards.”

After regaling us with his ludicrous story, he ditched on the check and scrammed out the door. Anyways, to change subject, Hines developed a new character called Maxwell Street who is an Obama Merch man for his newest Youtube clip. Please check it out! Hines is not only the funniest guy on Earth but he’s a very compassionate man, with a big heart.

I entered a 3M contest by Sunset Boulevard and purposely lost.

So I entered a contest on Sunset Boulevard. Whomever takes a creative pictures using a cardboard cutout and utilizes this new 3M projector-thingy plus writes something creative about it using Instagram could win this 3M projector-thingy.

Sion and I had time to spare since we weren’t able to see Jay Leno that night due to extenuating circumstances. We both really, really wanted to see “No Doubt” perform that night but it totally sucked that our plans fell through due to cumbersome lines and “line-cutters” from Texas.

Anyways, I picked the Jennifer Aniston board because it was the lesser of 4 evils ( Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Katy Perry). If you look at my expression, it was pure disgust since I couldn’t think of anything creative for my Jennifer cut out.

The only creative thing I did, was instagram the following about Jennifer Aniston: SherrynD #bringpicback with Jennifer Aniston.. You know her..The one who stars in Rom Coms and who privately stalks her famous ex.” That Instagram was totally worth it, you should’ve seen the 3M purveyors expressions drop. Their once fake smiles turned to genuine frowns and I walked away knowing that it is possible to “keep it real” in Hollywood.

Sion, me and the creator of Jellybellys David  Klein.

The day before Sion and I met Jelly Belly creator David Klein, we went to Hollywood Forever cemetery for Dia De Los Muertos. That’s all I am going to say about that and I will simply let your imaginations run wild with that notion.

Sion and I tried Klein’s more exotic jellybean blends like thai chili, wasabe and  the infamous Habenero. Normally, most people can’t take it since there’s real Habenero juice inside each bean. I ate two and let my tongue burn bright red.

I didn’t cry, whimper or whine but dealt with the decisions that I made like an adult. Klein showed us a comprehensive tour of his facilities and informed us that some of his candies are touted in high-end candy stores like “Sugar”. Klein was nice enough to give Sion and I a free box of David’s Signature

Korean wedding on a yacht at Newport Beach. Yes, I did gangnam style too..

Line JellyBeans ( Soda Pop Collection), candy sushi, farts, and Sandy Candy kits. Sion and I agree Klein is the greatest candy inventor alive and appreciate his giving nature. What a nice man!

On a preceding day, I wore my $340 outfit from White House Black Market ( I am never splurging on a sexy dress again) to a fancy-schmancy wedding. Sion’s friend was getting married, on a yacht, at Newport Beach!

I’ve never been to a wedding on a yacht before nor have I ever gangnam styled with other Koreans/ Korean Americans on a yacht before too.

I feel like that was the ultimate spot to gangnam style, unless you are in South Korea and you are in the gangnam district–this was as close as an American can get.

I think this was Joel Mchale at Venice Beach! That was my first, official, celebrity sighting.

    Since Hollywood is known as the movie star capital of the world, it’s not uncommon for people to want to see celebrities. I was with my boyfriend in Venice beach and we saw Joel Mchale, the star of “The Soup” and of “Community”.

It’s also funny, that I tried to go into Grauman’s Chinese theater but it was closed multiple times due to a new Disney movie getting filmed. Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney in this new movie, and they closed off parts of Hollywood to film some heavy scenes. I took a few pictures here and there of whatever I could see from the movie and also took candid pictures of extra’s gossiping by the corner.

I did heard a rumor that day while conversing with some extras, tourists, and other wannabe stars that Tom Hanks is not a nice person. He was sour-pussed crank who gave dirty looks, refused to give autographs and seemed to be a big hard to handle with his cast and crew.

The last celebrity sighting I had was during the Hitchcock movie premier. Ofcourse, I was not invited since I am not an A,B,C, D or even an E-lister. I was just a lowly blogger in comparison to all of these big-wigs in star city.

But as a lowly blogger, wearing her black power ranger hoodie and her nerdy square shaped glasses, I was still able to meet a B-list celebrity.

It’s not everyday you get to meet celebrities but to be able to witness so much of Hollywood in two short weeks is just jaw-dropping and totally blog worthy.

Now readers, I want you to know that I also had other jaunts and adventures that weren’t always so celebrity-esque.  Here’s a listing of what I did, where I visited and what I’ve witnessed.

1.) Parasailing by Santa Monica

2.) Ate 12 different kinds of jerky by Venice Beach

3.) Had a snake wrapped around my neck for a whole 60 seconds without flinching.. I was a boss.

.4.) Indoor Skydiving by Universal

5.) Halloween Scarefest at Universal Studios

6.) Found Nickelodean Studios by Sunset Boulevard in less than par conditions

7.) Dressed as an in-bred tiger/ cheetah for Halloween. Also went around Hermosa Beach that night too. My favorite costumes was someone as Patrick Bateman ( American Psycho) and as Amy Winehouse ( After she died)

8.) Cirque Du Soleil at Dolby Theater ( Was Kodiak Theater)

9.) TMZ tour bus around LA

10.) Was interviewed for a new show called ‘Grammar’ for Comedy Central. Totally not looking forward to that interview.

11.) Saw people audition, at the Stella Adler Agency, for a new web series called Recon.

12.) Had Korean BBQ and Karoake at K-town

13.) Took the bus, at night, to Hollywood Forever Cemetary and was lucky no one knifed  me or Sion.

14.) Took the metro from El Segundo, passed Highland and COMPTON towards LA and made it back alive–barely.

15.) Ate at long Beach ALOT and reunited with my good friend Evelize from Notre Dame

16.) Fed birds and groomed goats at the San Diego Open Zoo

17.) Toured Universal, Walk of Stars, Hollywood Museum, Madam Tussauds and parts of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.I just did another Google search on Robert Loggia and realize he was that executive in the movie “Big”.. I love that movie! Also, “Family Guy” did a parody of him not too long ago, take a look.

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