Basketball Wives LA: Girl in Purple Dress?

A few months ago, I attended New York Fashion  Week and was totally enthralled in Stevie Boi’s ’54’ line. My friends, Vanessa and Dennis, also enjoyed the vortex of glamorous reality stars like savant-fashionista Laura Govan (Basketball Wives LA), the magical ambiance, and jolie-coutoure.

I’ve never watched the reality show before and didn’t know until half way through the fashion show that Stevie Boi’s event was getting filmed for an episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA”. Ironically enough, we were positioned in a lot of scenes and were even surprised to have made multiple cameos within the episode. If you watch episode 12 “Fashion Show” on VH1, you will be able to find me, Vanessa and Dennis throughout the episode–if you look hard enough?

I will admit that it’s kinda tricky to find me and my friends since we’re just background characters. One of my close friends, Laura, watched the entire episode and couldn’t see me. Another one of my friends had a hard time finding me as well. Given that VH1 had to compile days of footage in just a mere 45 minutes,  it’s well expected that we’d simply be a blip on your tv set.

Luckily for all of us, VH1 posted their recent episode online and I used my intricate social media skills to steal screen shots and post arrows to help you “Find Sherryn”.  Finding me and my friends is cumbersome but if you can actually pull it off, than I can safely deduce that you must be really good at playing “Where’s Waldo”.

 My favorite book growing up has always been ‘Where’s Waldo?” since I was able to harness my brainpower into pinpointing him every time. I know having mad ” Where’s Waldo?” skills doesn’t make anyone have eclat but it does prepare when you get into a real life ” Where’s Waldo?” situation such as mine.

Moreover, I finally watched a few episodes of “Basketball Wives LA” and was confounded by how these women are portrayed on the show.

Laura Govan is potrayed as a tempestuous and mercurial woman and I feel like that’s so far from the truth. Out of all the reality stars I interacted with that night, she was the nicest  star that night. Not only is she gorgeous but she was polite, courteous and kind.

Reality T.V doesn’t always portray people accurately, that’s all I have to say. I also want to say that I wish “BasketBall Wives LA” featured Stevie Boi, the couturier himself, in the “Fashion Show” episode.  Stevie Boi is a Fashion magnate who cleverly blends timeless pieces with street-style.  He’s also jovial, adroit and charming as well. It’s everyone else’s loss that you all didn’t see Fashion Icon Stevie Boi infectious personality brighten the screen.

After reeling from this once-in-a-lifetime- experience, i’m perplexed by the possibility of my friends and I being E-list celebrities? Since neither of us are actors or actresses, we can’t really be classified as an A or even a D-lister. We were definitely on screen, multiple times, in various scenes.

For now, I guess we are E-list celebrities who are happy and more than willing to give out free autographs. I mean, if we were D-list celebrities than our autographs may cost you $40 bucks?

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