Buffalo Bob’s Jerky: Meat Lover’s Paradise

buffalo bobs

Around October, my boyfriend and I traipsed around Venice Beach in California and Lo and behold, we found meat mecca in the shape of a jerky store. I’ve never been to a jerky store before and had no idea one  even existed.

If you ever get bored of looking for celebrities in Venice Beach ( I only found Joel McHale at a Vegan restaurant but got super bored, super fast) try to go to Venice Beach House of Jerky located in : 517 Ocean Front Walk #17,Venice, CA.

This particular store carries a gamut of jerky products as well as popcorn varieties emboldened in unique flavors. Since I was not an ardent lover of popcorn I poured all of my concentration unto Venice Beach House’s jerky selection and my heart swelled up with pure joy.

Om nom nom Jerky! All kinds of jerky from all kinds of animals. I was in carnivore heaven but, alas, I was the only one in it. My bf isn’t a carnivore, more like a omnivore, and was just there to be supportive of my insatiable cravings for dried animal flesh in the shape of a wrinkly, brown, stick.

I shelled out around $15 dollars on Buffalo Bob’s jerky game sampler.  I bought: Pheasant, Alligator, Wild Boar, Elk,  Antelope, Kangaroo, Buffalo and Ostrich. 

Each stick or piece of jerky is combined with beef byproducts so each unprecedented tasting will be blemished with beefy-rich goodness.  Buffalo Bob’s bold approach to jerky is awe-inspiring and draws attention to meat lovers across the globe. Who-wudda-thunk-it?

As of right now, I’ve noshed on two Alligators and one Elk. Quite frankly, I can’t really taste the difference between them.  It all tastes like a spicy piece of flesh to me. It’s yummy and addictive but I can’t really discern a difference between them. Maybe it’s the beef byproducts that’s served as some form of an adhesive for the game, as a way to preserve it’s stick-like-structure?

I’m going to try the rest of my exotic game at a later date and will update this entry. Until then, just know that you can eat kangaroo anytime you want–if you go to Venice Beach, that is.

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