Ma Petite Shoe: Best Chocolate Store in the DMV Area!

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Ma Petite Shoe is a store located in the heart of Hampden that is an adept convergence of haute-coutur and eclet entrements.

In short, they have the world’s most highly sought after shoes and rare chocolates from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Imagine a vortex of attention-grabbing shoes on the top floor and gourmet chocolate placed ubiquitously across the other?

Women n’ Men from across the DMV need to drive up to Hampden in Baltimore, and immerse themselves in the store’s rich yet aromatic reverie of trendy shoes n’ decadent dark chocolates. I live around the D.C area and felt like the trip was totally worth it. There is no other place in the DMV area that can hold two special places in a woman’s heart–simultaneously.

I was fortunate enough to participate last week  in an exclusive chocolate tasting at the store that not only revitalized my taste buds but it also culled all five of my senses into a clump of pure ecstasy.  But we will get to that at a later time. Along with   featuring international and U.S Chocolates, Ma Petite Shoe showcases local favorites.

I’m obsessed with the Mango Chocolate from TCHO, the Bacon bar from Lillie Belle Farms and those yummy truffle squares from Double Premium Confections.

Favorites such as Charm School Chocolates, hailing from Pikesville, is well renowned for crafting delicious vegan chocolates. I consider that an unprecedented feat since it’s hard to amass particular ingredients into mocking-up actual chocolate.

Cacao Lorenzo makes lush n’ rich chocolate in Baltimore. The chocolate is artesian and made with European flare and it’s a must-have for Euro-centric chocolate fanatics ( like 75% of D.C residents).

Mouth Party, is famous.  Baltimore foodies know that this is the best caramel brand since it blends sea salt and caramel into epic proportions.

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Chocopologie, Chuao, Vosges, Lillie Belle

Before I go into an in-depth analysis over my chocolate tasting, I want you all to know that Ma Petite Shoe is the only place I know in the area that has The Do Not Eat This Chocolate  ghost pepper chilli bar. It’s one of their newer chocolates and I had the great fortune to try it–last, of course.

Naturally, after hearing about this, I grew fearful of that chocolate bar. As time passed, my fears intensified.

ma petite shoe picture 3
Muahaha.. meet your maker!

Yes, sorry for that side-distraction. I’m sure you’re vested into this in-depth gourmet chocolate tasting experience. Here ya’ go!

Gourmet Chocolate Tasting Results

Lillie Belle Farms Lavendar Sea Salt CaramelsThis is a brand new flavor from Lillie Belle Farms,  a unique chocolate brand hailing for Oregon  The sample was baroque yet pretty. It carried a strong aroma off and by the square as well. I truly did appreciate the dynamic balance between chewy caramel and pungent lavender. All I can say is this : Finally, the U.S is catching up to European cooking trends. Lavender is highly used in English dishes. Bravo, Oregon!

Aside from Lavendar Sea Salt, Lillie Belle Farms also carries an exclusive 5-piece truffle pack, exclusive to Ma Petite Shoe, comprised of strawberry, blueberry, blueberry, blood orange, hazelnut and vanilla truffle packs. They also carry Oregon Bacon Bars, Caramelized Almond Bars, Marzipan Fig Truffles, Smokey Blue Cheese Truffles, Hippie Crunch,  and Red Velvet Almonds. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please click on any of these highlighted links. 

Chocopologie with Rose WaterThis brand out of  Connecticut has nothing but strong reviews on the inter-webs. Of Course, I wanted to see if lived up to the hype. It really does. The shape was nice, not so assuming. I definitely smelled light notes of rose. As I bit into the piece, I noticed that it was disarmingly sweet yet subtly bitter; this was a dark chocolate after all. Much to my surprise, there were faint pieces of rose enmeshed in the piece. The aftertaste was airy, subtle and uniform. If you are into South-Asian cuisine, this chocolate may remind you of rose- flavored desserts.

TCHO Dark Chocolate NuttyThis brand from San Francisco exceeded my expectations. I felt like it was molded for bon vivants due to the maturity of the nutty essence intermingling with the rich chocolate texture.

TCHO Dark Chocolate Fruit: It wafts of vanilla yet tastes like dark chocolate canoodling with pieces of berry. Surprisingly, the fruit doesn’t overpower and, collectively, the chocolate has a great finish.

Chuao Ravishing Rocky RoadChuao, a San Diego based chocolate brand,  makes nom-tastic delights. Essentially, it looked like a s’more given the asymmetrical pieces of melted marshmallow encompassing the piece; and it tastes like a gourmet s’more since the chocolate was smooth, with a charming aftertaste.

Chuao Dark Chocolate Nirvana: A nutty panache in my mouth. Pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts: Oh my! This was my second Ehrmegerd  moment for the day. This is, for sure, the chocolate du jour for any and all nut-fanatics.

TCHO Mango Morsels: Ehrmegerd! ( In reference to a popular meme, the Ehrmegerd Goosebumps girl). I found my favorite! I love mangoes and I never, ever find mango candies anywhere. This store is the only place I know that has dried mango nibs drenched in smooth dark chocolate. I’m rueful that I didn’t buy 3 packs of it when I had the chance. Imagine Raisinettes for adults? Not just for any adult, but for an adult with mature, refined tastes. Yes, Ma Petite Shoe has it; and it’s by TCHO, a unique chocolate company from San Francisco.

Vosges Peppermint Candy Cane Bar: A byproduct of good hands from Chicago! This is a new flavor that’s introduced to the store for the holiday season, and I truly need to stock up on it for my next holiday party. I always throw one once a year and I also try to enrich my guests’ palates with unique treats; and this treat embodies the holiday season. Imagine–a nice dark chocolate with red and white pieces of peppermint intermingling in the bar. A vibrant smell that is also comprised with a well balance yet not overpowering taste. Delish!

Lillie Belle Farms Do Not Eat This Chocolate: It was not quite a searing explosion in my mouth but it surely was a taste bomb that ignited and enveloped new sensations unto my taste buds. Initially, I was super fearful since ghost chili is the hottest in the world. Not even Habenero can touch it. After I tried a piece of the ghost chili bar chocolate, the initial taste foray, is as follows: smooth, velvety dark chocolate draping it’s sweet goodness across the thresholds of my mouth. Before the dark chocolate lush reaches the hidden crevices of my tongue, a  spicy volcanic rapture emerges , known yet unknown to my naive tongue. It was like a cacophonous  symphony that harnessed a million notes, at once and  crashed towards the interlude of a beautiful piece. Instead of musical notes, imagine different sensations of pain and pleasure in your mouth. That, in a nutshell, was how one small piece of ghost chili bar chocolate permanently affected my taste buds and seared an indelible memory that I will happily keep.

This chocolate experience was phenomenal, not only because the products are high-end but the service was spectacular. Everyone at the store was genuine, real and down- to- earth. Not a snob in sight. It’s great to know that there are businesses out there who care about customer service and who truly try to make you feel at home. Ma Petite Shoe’s service, chocolate and overall charms are unparalleled to any other chocolate store I’ve frequented in the DMV area thus far. Ma Petite Shoe ships worldwide! Feel free to click on any link above to get your own bar of gourmet yum!

Lastly, It is holiday season after all! If you want to give a special loved one a rare and delicious gift, I hope this entry behooves you to get your sweetheart or compadre decadent morsels from Ma Petite Shoe. Only at Ma Petite Shoe will you be able to wow and dazzle with your collection of lavendar, peppermint and ghost chili chocolates.

Ma Petite Shoe

832  West 36th Street,

Baltimore, MD 21211

Visit website here.

Like them on Facebook here.

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