2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Washington D.C Gourmet Food Edition

Courtesy of Duvan Hoffman, from Faso Foods

The holiday season has proliferated the media, shops and everyday lives of DMV residents, but that doesn’t always mean everyone is armed with the right gift for the right person. It’s easy to get a gift since trendy n’ chic stores are ubiquitous around the nation’s capital but it’s an arduous task to get the right gift: for a foodie.

Foodie’s are equal parts connoisseurs, intellects and  elitist; Albeit, there are a pastiche of foodies who proclaim to know good food yet don’t know, per se, why it tastes good. Nevertheless, foodies are not so easy to shop for. I would know since I am one of them.

After years of whetting my taste buds, I know what foodies would love. If you want to win over that special foodie in your life, e.g., your lover, friend, Mom or even your boss, check out this holiday gift list I compiled for your viewing pleasure.Click on link to make a direct purchase!

1.) Seven Layer Caramel Cake from Carolines Cakes: If you are from Annapolis, and are a self-proclaimed foodie, then you must know about the infamous seven layer caramel cake? Right? It was featured in The Help, that one movie that won a slew of awards and also stars Chris Lowell ( cutest guy ever). Other than caramel cakes, Carolines Cakes made the best coconut cake I ever had and everyone at the store is down to earth. If you want to impress holiday guests or even a loved one, than I highly recommend Carolines Cakes.

2.) Do Not Eat This Chocolate by Lillie Belle Farms. If you want to try ghost pepper chili chocolate than visit Ma Petite Shoe’s website ( click on the link above) and get Lillie Belle Farm’s Do Not Eat This Chocolate. I was awarded the opportunity to try this rare treat a few weeks back and wish I bought 10 bars! Not only is this chocolate sweet, smooth and delightful, but the spices proliferated my tongue and yielded a lustrous conclusion that could never be imitable by any other brand. Yowza! Ignore the label and try it.

3.) Truffles from Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden. Ma Petite Shoe is home to the best truffles the DMV has to offer. In partnership with Lillie Belle Farms, Ma Petite Shoe has developed their own line of truffles that are known to WOW any and all chocoholics.

4.) Coconut with dark chocolate chips Ice Cream by Graeters. Why shell out cash on frozen yogurt or even Breyers when you can give high quality ice cream. Go to Fresh Markets in Baltimore and stock up on this addictive treat. If you stick a bow on top, you automatically have a gift that is ready to be given. Why give out fruitcake when you can actually give something that people will love: the best ice cream that the state of Ohio ever created!

5.) Grashoff Pistachio Sauce from Faso Foods. What most people don’t realize is that Pistachio is the most addictive flavor. I love pairing it with white wine and dipping Otterbeins chocolate chip cookies into a jar of Grashoff’s pistachio sauce. It’s the perfect respite from a tough work day and also a holiday tip you can use for your next holiday party. Dip cookies, half way, into Grashoff’s Pistachio sauce and keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Afterwards, serve these cookies with a glass of milk to friends and family.


6.) Leyla’s Food’s Authentic Coffee Sauce from Rodman’sMy favorite lattes are the ones that I make at home. All I do is add a tablespoon of Leyla’s Foods Authentic Coffee Sauce into my milk and stir it a few times. Did you know that you can dress up desserts, marinades and even savory dishes with this sauce? Yes you can! Come to Rodmans, by Friendship Heights, and check it out.

7.) Island Temptation Babka from Great Harvest in RockvilleMaryland’s best bakery is coming up with a line of delicious babka breads that use Grashoff’s premier Belgian chocolate sauces. The baker at Great Harvest invented these recipes! Each piece is moist, flush with flavor and smooth with Belgian chocolate goodness. Pair it with Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate sauces and even add it in a gift basket too.

8.)  Moriba’s Hibiscus and Lychee Juice from Faso FoodsSince it’s cold and flu season, hibiscus juice is a must. It is filled to the brim with antioxidants, vitamin c and other healthy properties that can strengthen your immune system. Not only that, Moriba’s lychee juice is known as an aphrodisiac for couples and makes a great cocktail if you add vodka.

9.) Nutfield’s Chili Macademia NutsOne nut is not enough. This statement is especially true when it comes to Nutfield’s Chili Macademia nuts. For the holiday season, consider pairing these nuts with Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate sauces and with different types of red wine. Dine like a Euro-centric bon vivant this season and use these premier nuts!

10.) Coffee Cupcakes (using leyla’s coffee sauce) from Cake Love in Silver SpringCake Love is known as Silver Spring’s best cupcake spot. But did you know that Cake Love’s coffee cupcakes use Leyla’s Food’s Authentic Coffee Sauces? It can explain why it’s super addictive and well loved by all coffee lovers. Come to Cake Love and get a couple dozen for the holiday season.

Here’s our comprehensive Gourmet Food list for the D.C/Maryland and Virginia area. Remember to click on each link to check out these products for the 2012 holiday season.

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