Nada Surf at 9:30 Club: Sounds Kinda like Switchfoot?

nada surf 2

So I saw Nada Surf at the 9:30 Club, yet again. Last night’s show had a slow start but a strong finish. As predicted, the crowd was sparse with  well-to-do Gen-Xers. I know that if this band was as famous as Sleighbells or Matt & Kim, that millenials would be flocking the front row and would’ve made the floor hermetic. Luckily for me, my predictable and sheep-like age group was elsewhere.

The first hour was rife with lofty hits that either soothed or scorched someone’s ears. I found a lot of their obscure songs to be a great panacea for my ear. Since I am still sick with the flu, Nada Surf sang the right kinds of tunes to ease me into lucid yet happy state.

nada surf 1

A running joke that my bf and I make is that Nada Surf and Switchfoot have similar songs sung in a similar way. Conversely, the biggest difference between both bands is that the lead singer of Switchfoot has a stronger more throatier voice; Whereas the lead singer of Nada Surf has a lighter more airier vocal chords with a less varying and  finite range of tone and intonations.

I love both Nada Surf and Switchfoot and totally respect them as great 90’s Alternative Rock Bands. However, both bands sing tunes with imitable lyrics about redemption, identity and love.

Even though I missed the first 4 songs from the concert, I found the show to be both exhilarating and fun. I was happy that Nada Surf played my favorite song, “See These Bones” towards the end of the show. I was really surprised that they played their biggest hit, “Popular” at all. It’s not a song that they normally play at any of their shows but it’s also not a song that I personally like. I feel that this song instantly isolates fans and thrusts them back into reliving awkward high school moments.

I was extremely happy that Nada Surf played, “Inside of Love,” since it’s the most relate-able song from their playlist. I know that they don’t really play this song in a lot of their shows so I’m really glad I came out, a second time, to witness this rare performance. Every time I hear this song, I think of a lonely guy at a party. He is sitting on a couch, drinking Natural Light, and staring at an attractive couple sucking face. The liquor makes him feel extra sentient; And all  he wants is to feel like he’s loved by someone and he so ardently wishes that he doesn’t have to be an outsider looking in.

I know this is a sad image i’m conjuring up but that’s the inner-video I get whenever I hear this tragically majestic song. I love this melancholy tune so much just for those painfully, awkward inner-videos I have.

Predictably, I will see Nada Surf in the near future. As a millennial, with mature musical tastes unlike half of my age group, I have to support great bands like this or else they may go extinct.

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