Gourmet Christmas Party: Here’s how you can throw one!


‘Tis the season to get jolly. So please don’t stress about presents or even with throwing the best holiday party ever! I wrote a 2012 Holiday Gift Guide ( click on link)that can help you pick the best gifts that the Washington D.C area has to offer.

I even compiled a list of tips on throwing your very own Gourmet Holiday Party. While most people are making Christmas cookies with store bought cookie dough, you can be a trend setter with our specialized suggestions.


Since the Washington D. C area has a high concentration of foodies, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.  If you follow each tip, we promise you that your party–food wise– will be the talk of the town. Let’s get started!

Gourmet Holiday Party Tips

1.) Noir. Island Temptation. Chocolate Chocolate. White Reverie.  Grashoff and Great Harvest in Rockville teamed up to create a line of babka breads. Each different bread uses Grashoff’s gentelman’s dark chocolate, coconut rum, milk or white chocolate sauces and they also make great holiday presents for guests. All you have to do is buy any of these babka breads, Grashoff’s belgian chocolate, a basket, cellophane paper and a big, red bow. It’s the perfect gift basket for your favorite European bread lover. Come to Great Harvest in Rockville and ask how you can make your very own gift basket today.

2.) Wine and Holiday Cupcake Pairings. Have between 5 to 10 different red and white wines out.  Make cupcakes using this recipe. Remember to use between 5-12 different jars of Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate sauces as frosting. If you want to make a batch sans for wine pairing, mix cream cheese into the Belgian chocolate before you apply it on top of your cupcake. You can have guests pair different cupcakes with different wines. Since Grashoff has chili, river salt, and blood orange varieties, red wine lovers will have a wonderful time pairing their favorite merlots with a chili frosted cupcake.

3.) Holiday Corner of Love.  Have  Moriba’s lychee juice with vodka, Nutfield’s chili, roasted honey and sea salt macademia nuts and Grashoff’s Gentleman’s dark chocolate in the corner of your house. Make sure you also hang a mistle toe by the apex of your food set-up, and use bright red decoration when it comes to accentuating your snacks. Have two Santa hats ready as well since this corner could also be used as a photo opportunity for couples. If you Google up aphrodisiacs, you will see that lychee, macademia nuts, and dark chocolate can spice up the mood. Why not promote love during the holiday season?

4.) Grashoff Belgian Chocolate Brownies n’ Fudge. If you want to make yummy brownies, follow this recipe here. Make sure you had 4 tablespoons of Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate into the batter too, before you bake it. After you bake it, and let it cool off, spread a thick layer of Grashoff’s dark chocolate bliss. Also crumble up candy cane pieces on top and place your brownie into the fridge.

5.) Mango Sundaes with Moriba’s Juices.  Buy Graeter’s ice cream from Fresh Markets or order it online from here. Use Moriba’s mango juice on top of the sundae and also dress it up with coconut flakes, Nutfield’s macademia nuts and with Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate. 

6.) Classy Sugar or Spice Cookies.  If you want to make delicious sugar cookies from scratch, use this recipe.  Or better yet, if you are in the mood for spice cookies, follow this recipe. After you bake your cookies, and give enough time for them to cool, use between 3-6 different Belgian sauces as the topping. Grashoff has pistachio, chili, river salt, blood orange as well as 20+ more flavors. Variety is the spice of life and by having cookies with different sauces, you will entice the crowd with your foodie knowledge.

7.) Holiday cocktails.  Use Moriba’s lychee, mango and hibiscus juices. Section off an area, display Moriba’s juices and make sure you have an ample supply of vodka, tequila or rum. Guests can use what you have to make a classy cocktail at home.

8.) Make your own Samoa Cookies. Buy Walker’s Short Bread Cookies, dab Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate and add coconut shreds on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and you are good to go. Recipe is courtesy of Miriam’s Recipe Corner.

9.) Hot Apple Cider with Grashoff’s Caramel. All Recipes.com has a great recipe on making hot apple cider in under 15 minutes. Click on this link for the recipe but remember to replace the maple syrup with Grashoff’s Seasalt caramel. Not only will your apple cider stand out but it can also become a new family tradition.

10.) French Sandwiches. All you need is a baguette, warm brie cheese and Grashoff’s mango passion fruit jam. It’s the perfect treat for adults and even children.

11.) Cheese n’ Macademia nut pairings. Buy brie, manchego, cheddar, blue cheese ( any cheese you think is good) and pair it with Nutfield’s Chili, Honey Roasted and Seasalt Macademia nuts. Guests will have a field day with this pairing and it’s a great way to break the ice with family and friends. Everyone loves cheese n’ nuts!

12.) Belgian Candy Cane. Buy a full sized candy cane and dip half off it into Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate. Later place it in the freezer for a few hours, and you just made a holiday treat for kids.

13.) European Toffee. This is a very easy recipe to follow. All you have to do is make regular toffee using this recipe. After you freeze your toffee, add a thick coating of Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate and sprinkle broken macademia nut pieces over it ( use Nutfield’s Honey Roasted Macademia Nuts). Afterwards, freeze your toffee again for a couple more hours. You just made European Toffee, from scratch.

14.) Creamy Hot Chocolate. This is super easy and a favorite in New York City.  Buy instant hot chocolate, and add a tablespoon of Grashoff’s Belgian Strawberry sauce. Use a  star cookie cutter and shape a large piece of marshmallow and add it into  your drink. You can further dress up your drink by adding a candy cane.

 You are now officially armed with enough information on throwing one of the most tastiest holiday parties of the year. Bravo! If you plan on using any of these tips or have some suggestions, feel free to comment below. 

Courtesy of Duvan Hoffman, from Faso Foods
Courtesy of Duvan Hoffman, from Faso Foods

Visit : www.fasofoods.com for more information.

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