Baking for the Holidays: How I Hope I didn’t Botch it up

Baked goods collage

December is closing in and I totally procrastinated on baking holiday goods this year. I wanted to bake everything before x-mas but life got in the way.  The flu, school, work and my own indolent behavior curtailed baking aspirations for Christmas day. Woe is me!

Nevertheless, my motivation kicked in right after it snowed.  I pulled out my toffee, fudge, sugar cookie and molasses cookie recipes from; and I  later whipped out concoctions left and right.  Since I am a creative kinda person, I thought I could ignore parts of the recipe and start adding in random stuff. You know, ingredients that I kinda love, kinda like, kinda felt like eating at that moment.

My Random Ingredient List

  • Almonds
  • Craisins
  • Walnuts
  • Grashoff Gentleman’s Dark Chocolate
  • Grashoff’s Sicilian Blood Orange
  • Extra Egg ( More like 2)
  • Extra Sugar
  • Cocoa Powder
  • A Scrambled Egg??
  • Extra Butter ( I Paula Deened my food out)
  • Nutfield’s Almond Caramel Butter
  • Hershey’s Cherry Cordial Kisses
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Condensed Milk

I want you all to know that I didn’t add these eclectic items into one dish. Oh no, no, no!! I, somehow–accidentally–finagled each dish due to making unending mistakes.  Due to my multiple incidents, I had to disguise each dish with accouterments.

My Blunders

  • As the toffee came to a full boil on the stove, I did not mix the butter excrement into the auburn toffee concoction. 
  • I think I added too much cocoa powder into my sugar cookie batter. And no, the recipe did not ask for cocoa powder or chocolate sauce. 
  • Why did  I scramble eggs unto the molasses/ vegetable oil mixture? If you eat one of my spice cookies and get the sudden urge to stop by IHOP, please don’t blame me for your selfish decisions.
  • I added an extra egg into my sugar cookie batter since I felt like I added too much cocoa. By adding too many dry ingredients, I had a harder time creaming everything together. I figure an extra egg wouldn’t cause too much of a commotion, right? Right? RIGHT!?!
  • Poor fudge. I overdosed it on marshmallows and almond slivers. The recipe called for evaporated milk yet I bought condensed milk instead. Whoops! I hope no one can taste the difference.
  • I shouldn’t have mixed the dry ingredients separately! WTF! Why didn’t I cream the dry ingredients together with my handheld- mixer-thing-a-ma-bob.  If someone eats a sugar cookie and feel like it tastes like baking soda: that’s why.
  • It is possible to burn fudge. I would know since there may be a few charred pieces here and there.
  •  Why did I add that extra 1/2 cup of butter in the fudge?  I don’t want my friends to end up like Paula Deen, with type 2 diabetes or what not.
  • Before I judge what I made, maybe I should taste test it first?

In spite of my blunders, I think I did some things right with each recipe.

What I did right

  • Every recipe I used came from All, a reputable website with high quality recipes.
  • I was creative 🙂
  • I used Grashoff Belgian Chocolate and you can never go wrong with that.
  • What I made so far looks aesthetically pleasing.
  •  Who could say no to extra marshmallows?
  • I didn’t bake the spice or sugar cookies yet. I followed enough of the instructions to know that I had to keep the dough in the fridge over night.
  • I gave myself ample practice before I become a contributing blogger for We, The Eaters.  My first assignment tasked me in cooking a garlic chicken dish without charring its’ soul out.  I figure if I get more experience in the kitchen, I won’t be a hot mess when it’s time for me to cook up some poultry. 
  •  By Sunday, I will get the complete verdict on my cooking abilities. I’m delivering home baked goods to close friends and none of my close friends are fake ( thank goodness). I will get the unfiltered truth from each of my close buds that day and will also grow more as a baker and quite possibly, as a food blogger.

The weekend is drawing in, and I am quite nervous about my friend’s verdict. I’m blessed to only have honest friends but with this gift comes the brutal truth over my baking ingenuity–or lack there of.

My good friend Vanessa also baked today too.  Do you remember her? She was also an extra on that one episode of Basketball Wives LA. Anyways, Vanessa’s lovely sister Takeira is an ardent fan of Dr. Who! Vanessa, a self-professed semi-fan, took it upon herself to  bake this exquisite Tardis shaped cake for her sister. I am amazed at her culinary skills! She truly knows how to bake and decorate a red velvet cake.

Vanessa made a red velvet cake in the shape and form as a tardis from the hit BBC show “Dr. Who”

I hope to one day pick up cake baking abilities.  Recently, I failed a  Gingerbread house making living social deal by debilitating the roof with oodles of frosting. I smeared so much frosting on the roof that the  entire house collapsed, on multiple occasions, and this snarly Living Social Employee named Sadistic *Sean ( name has been changed to protect the guilty offender)  kept pointing and laughing at me. He didn’t provide any assistance since he’s inept at making a gingerbread home as well.  FML. LOL!

Have you every botched up a recipe? Or are you so perfect that you bake perfect cakes and pies? Comment below! Also, feel free to like my Facebook page here! It is the holiday season so please be nice 🙂

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