Party Etiquette: Please don’t talk about x,y and z!

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Taken at the Former Spanish Ambassador’s Place for NYE 2013! Kuhniverse gave great advice on only using YOUR OWN pics in blog entries. Totally supporting that ūüôā

Have you ever been to a party and felt like a complete outsider due to the divisive aura of the crowd? For example, you walk into a religious conversation and get trampled for having opposing views. As time flies by, your head feels heavy and your mind embarks on a desultory spiral down to never-never-land. Whether your remarks are tacit or explicit, there is this nagging voice inside telling you that this conversation is totally egregious for a party.

 Oft-times, especially in the D.C/Maryland and Virginia area, residents branch into no-no topics such as religion, politics and money.

Contrary to the media’s saturation with those three aforementioned topics and that it’s hard NOT to escape it : No one needs that drama at a party! Parties are suppose to be fun, inclusive and robust with happy memories. Parties, club functions and social networking events are created to espouse uniformity and not factions between potential friends. It’s a shame that the outset of many parties, in the area, particularly, are rife with drama-inducing conversations. It’s so rude.

Even though parties are manufactured for party-goers to let lose, unwind and mingle, human civility should not be eschewed out the window; especially since transplants in the area are trying to sow in roots, make new friends and find their soul mate in a short amount of time.

Avoid these conversation topics and you will weather out social faux pas.

1.)¬†Politics:¬†My biggest pet peeve is this topic being dissected at parties, ugh!I’ve seen people uncouthly bring this topic up in a happy setting and conversely making everyone irascible, angry and vicious in less than 2 minutes. There are people, from both ends of the political spectrum, that need to learn self control when they attend a fun party. How would you like if it someone trashes your beliefs and coerces you to aver their opposing views? Even if you love that kind of drama, no one else does so you either need to stop or go home.

2.)¬†Religion:¬†I get that you have strongly held beliefs and that you want to share them with the world but please don’t do that at a party. Let alone a club. It’s not appropriate since everyone has different beliefs they carry.

3.) Negativity:¬†If you dislike someone at a party, you don’t need to instigate the person or even spread nasty rumors AT the party. By doing this, you decimate the jubilant mood into shards of unhappy memories. If I were you, I would avoid that person and refrain from all of that negative-speak. Not only does it stress you out but it also makes you less approachable to other people at the party.

4.) Sex: Keep that conversation between close friends please. No one needs to hear about you messing around with half of the DMV or about you getting rejected by the other half either.

5.)¬†Drama:¬†There’s a reason why reality shows are trashy. The people on those shows lack manners and create unnecessary drama at parties. Instigators,¬†misunderstandings, and people with low self esteem are culpable of this heinous crime. Be above those reality show harlots and vehemently avoid it all cost. If you paint yourself as a drama queen/ king at one party, you pretty much destroyed your reputation for future party invites.

6.)¬†Gossip: Women and men are guilty of this sinful act. When you convene with close buds it’s easy to trash talk about the girl with the low cut dress or the guy with too many notches up his belt. But did you know that most people in the area can’t keep a secret? Everyone is nice to everyone’s face just to save their own hide. Don’t trust another party-goer with your innermost thoughts! If you have anything to say, just say something nice. As soon as you say anything to any D.C resident, it will always come back to haunt you. Moreover, it’s also rude to speak ill of anyone too in a festive setting. Lighten up and focus on positive energies instead.

7.)¬†Money: It’s great you make a wonderful living but bragging about it makes you look pretentious, selfish and shallow. It’s equally shallow to brag about your Michael Kors purse or about that vacation you took to Italy. Modesty is a highly coveted trait. Learn to be modest at parties and think less about material wealth and more about social wealth, i.e., building a stronger network.

Making small talk and even meaningful conversation to a complete stranger isn’t an easy task for everyone. Some people are naturally great at conversation while others fall flat on their behind. Practice makes perfect but without guidance, structure and support it’s hard to develop stronger social graces at parties. Which is why we have Delta Learning, Inc., in the Washington D.C/Maryland and Virginia area.

About Delta Learning, Inc.

Delta Learning, Inc is a premier education and coaching institution committed to the aspirations of human excellence.  Only at this institution, you will be able to get help with:

1.)¬†Social and Relationship Coaching: Do you easily get flustered in social situations? Don’t know how to talk to that special someone you WANT in your life? Do you want to ease away from socially awkward behavior? Delta Learning, Inc has Weekly, ¬†Full day and Bootcamp sessions that are designed to motivate, transform and instill you with sought after social skills.

2.) Professional Coaching: The recession is ubiquitous and having a stellar resume is a must! Aside from having a singular resume, you also need to dress well for the job and be able to perform well on your job interviews. If you want to land a great job while maintaining an indelible yet positive impression, contact :

3.)¬†Academic Coaching: Did you just graduate college? Or do you plan on getting a higher degree?¬†Delta Learning Inc¬†¬†coaches have the experience and know-how to get you to where you want to be, whether it’s a career, graduate, or post-graduate work.

4.)Fitness and Wellness Coaching: Do you need help losing weight? Want to live a healthier life? Also, do you want to revamp your closet and learn to dress to impress? You can do all three with Delta Learning, Inc. This is the only place in the DMV area that can help transform your outlook and mindset for the long haul.

So what are you waiting for?  Click here

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