Pinchit: New Website that Features City Events

Representing Baltimore

Have you ever felt like you were cooped at home? Wanted to do something but had no idea what? Well, get an account with Pinchit and you will be ‘In-the-Know.’

Recently I was honored to represent Baltimore on Pinchit’s front page. Just click on this link and you will see pictures of  Marines singing karaoke in Pasadena, Dweezil Zappa jamming at Ramshead Live and a couple getting their smack on the waterfront in Canton.

Nevertheless, after receiving this honor, I googled “Pinchit” and found other notable bloggers, hipsters and chic city dwellers were featured on this website.  I didn’t know I was hip? I usually think of myself as geek chic!

Consequently, did you know that Eduardo Saverin –Mark Zuckerburg’s ex-bestie– is a star investor for Pinchit? I guess one can infer that is one runic investor. Super mysterious, that one.

Anyways, I hope you all get a Pinchit account! Maybe we can repinch each other?

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