Matt Dillingham: Common Sense Relationship Advice for D.C Denizens


If you Google relationship advice for men or women, your search results will be rife with results. Not necessarily high caliber results, but results nonetheless. The advice you find on the inter-webs is the kind of advice you give to acquaintances: not friends. Wouldn’t you rather have down-to-earth advice from someone who can keep it real without the fluffy verbiage?

That’s where Matt Dillingham, a Germantown MD resident, comes in. In addition to being an account executive at a financial firm by day, he used to serve in the Marine Corp, where he was in the reserves.

“Four years ago, I was at President Obama’s inauguration, in a formal blue overcoat, slightly warming up with hand warmers ensconced in my gloves. Other than the fact that it was ridiculously cold, I was honored to have marched for our current president,”said Dillingham.

Dillingham, as a whole, has lived an enriching life linked with hallmark events but regardless of the many epochs in his life, his humble nature resonates with his salient advice.

“I’m naturally friendly with people. I guess I get it from my dad, who was a high school teacher,” Dillingham said. Even in sales, you have to be friendly and if you can make people feel at ease, that’s always great. It’s great if you can also hold conversation and it’s what I do with clients, at my day job. Being easy going keeps us all happy.”

It also doesn’t hurt that he has 7+ years of experience in the love department. His exhaustive research from the library, internet, close female friends and with previous long-term girlfriends, Dillingham is able to synthesize his findings into compelling precepts on Love E.Q for both men and women.

For example,”Men and women have starkly different thinking behaviors. Men expect women to look like they are 25 forever while women have false expectations of men being mysterious and loyal like they are from fairy tales. Women get too wound up on all of these myths about men and ultimately screw themselves over with reality. If women learn how men act and men learn how women act, relationships would last longer than expected, especially in the D.C area,” advised Dillingham.

Read the rest of this Washington D.C article here!

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