Why Women Make Better Business Leaders

Online MBA’s website has a great video on why women make better business leaders. In the span of one minute and 45 seconds, your eyes are peeled to four examples of women CEO’s making strides in the business field due to their drive, initiative and higher grasp of emotional intelligence.

I support this video and found this blog post to be just as enlightening.  If you don’t believe this video has credence, google Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi and see how she’s doing. Perform a web search on Yahoo’s CEO and check up on her recent endeavors.

The Harvard Business Review Study recently showed that a group’s collective IQ went up when women were on the team. However, only  12 of the fortune 500 companies are run by women. So what are the 488 companies missing out on?

  • Higher bottom line
  • Better Communication
  • Stronger Initiative
  • Emotional Intelligence

After viewing this video, please comment below about your thoughts on women being leaders in the work place?

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