TJ Maxx and Marshalls Keeps Me Fashionably Sane in D.C

my fashion 2
Wore this outfit at Le Chat Noir ( French Restaurant in Bethesda) on my birthday last night!

Fashion week 2013 has been a success this year.  If you are a big fan of acclaimed Baltimorean Eye-Shade designer Stevie Boi, like me, then you know that his leather line this year is going to transform the fashion industry.

In like fashion, have you been to TJ Maxx recently?  Since I don’t like to squander my dollars on full-priced, high-end, pretentious Washington D.C fashion. I rather take my hard earned bucks and spend it wisely–like a boss.

 So I semi-celebrated my birthday on Saturday night with my bf, and three really good friends. We ate at Le Chat Noir in Bethesda and totally took advantage of restaurant week.  My resplendent outfit for that special evening was well under $36 bucks. I bought a shirt/ dress from T.J Maxx for 10 bucks, wore a $5 tank top, bought these boots from Marshalls for $20 bucks and am wearing a necklace that cost .50 cents from Claires.

my painting

A day before my birthday dinner, I took a 3-hour wine and acrylic paint class in Gaithersburg.  I guess my acuity for the arts is apparent, or maybe the instructor was THAT GOOD! I know painting doesn’t relate to pinching fashion pennies but I figure this verbal respite from fashion-chat wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I mean, look at this poignant piece of work. My goodness!

Wore this outfit at The Prime Rib in Maryland Live
Wore this outfit at The Prime Rib in Maryland Live

Last week I was invited to a special happy hour at The Prime Rib and I used that invite as a  great excuse for me to dress to impress. so I wore this purple wool skirt that was $20 at TJ Maxx, a golden top that was $10.00 from The Limited and a pearly pink necklace for $2.00 from Forever 21.

fashion picture
Wore this for inauguration weekend, at this trendy new crepes place called DC Scoop Cafe by U Street.

The outfit you see above was worn during inauguration weekend. My bf and I were craving crepes so we stopped by DC Scoop Cafe, the only crepes place with the biggest glass of milk i’ve ever seen in.  Anyways,  my stalkings were $10, skirt was $20, sweater was $7 and my Nine West boots were $30 bucks. Guess where I got this entire outfit from? If you guessed T.J Maxx, then you are psychic since I was about to say that.

fashion again
Baltimore Restaurant week at Pazos. Yummy choice!

If you live in the DMV area, then you must know about restaurant week. Baltimore has their restaurant week much earlier than D.C’s, so boyfriend and I decided to eat at Pazo’s in Fells Point. Best Mediterranean food ever! Before stepping foot there, I knew I had to dress to the nines since American Psycho-like yuppies and stick-in-the-butt hipsters frequented this hotspot.

I saw this outfit (similar to what I am wearing) on a bunch of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and figured something as cute as that must be exorbitantly priced. Yes and no. While this may be true that this style is pricey, I was able to get this dress for $16.99. It was originally priced for $59.00 but I was at Marshalls on the right day.  I even snagged these cute pale pink flats for $10.00 too.

my fashion 6
Same shade of pretty ❤

Last outfit for the night! I snagged this lacey purple dress from T.J Maxx for $15.00. The belt i’m donning was $7.00 and it’s a Ralph Lauren belt. Yes, that Ralph Lauren. I had a reunion with two of my really good friends at MadHatter by Dupont Circle. My purple lacy number was a hit (well, at least according to me, anyway).

Now kids, the moral of the story is: You can always dress cute without going broke!

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