The Rival Bid: Best New Indie-Pop Band from Germany!

The Rival Bid @ Indie Globe

As many of you know, I’m an ardent lover of Indie-Pop. If you did not know that then you must not have paid attention to this blog for the past 3+ years since several entries are heavily coated with Indie music reviews.

Furthermore, I primarily like Euro-Indie-Pop since the lyrical quality often surpasses American Indie Pop. Expressive and resonant lyrics are what makes a quality band stand out among the masses. Personally, I prefer bands that create songs with an urbane flare yet at the same time exude enough melancholy.

A new band that embodies these standards is The Rival Bid. The Rival Bid, hailing from Dortmund Germany, is a modern indie pop band with New Wave underpinnings. The band’s lyrical content embraces the drollness of everyday life yet spins a sensuous mood that leaves an indelible trace in your mind.

Maurice Margraf, lead singer of The Rival Bid, has a variegated tone in his voice every time he pumps out a song.  Since one of his favorite bands is Travis, i’m not surprised by his musical style. Not all Indie Pop bands can have a soulful inflection in their tunes like Travis or The Rival Bid.

Lastly, If you’ve ever had your heart smashed, traipsed the streets of NYC and have had a drunken encounter–or two–then consider adding this band into your I-pod play list.  Interested? Listen to a sample found here.

In the meanwhile, here’s a brief review on their latest album Hail to Thee.

Put My Heart  Back Where it Belongs:  This song is the band’s single and my personal favorite. It’s emotive, fresh, with tragic vocals that plunge your mental capacities into a melancholy state.  I highly recommend you listen to this song, especially if you’re yearning for that special person to make a surprise appearance into your life.

New York: Hearing this song is like taking an enchanting trip to NYC, on first class. Opulent vocals serrate your nerves, but in a good way.

Lotta Difference: An emotional song that splinters pitches with rich depth. The lyrics are heartfelt yet at the same time, full of reproach.  Intense moments burst at the seams, especially  since this song is sung with vigor.

Walking Away: A nostalgic piece that embodies what coulda’, shoulda’ woulda’ been if events were different. A highly relate-able song for many of us who have endured a fettered relationship.

After All: An exquisite pieces that helms your heart strings.  After All has a singular approach in grabbing bits and pieces of melodic twangs yet Margraf’s vocals spearheads this song into a piercing finish.

I’m crossing fingers that this band tours the U.S since they are actually good. Until then, feel free to like them on Facebook here.


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