The Art of Blogging: Be True to Yourself or Else..

Front row at the Eels concert at the 9:30 club! E is very Portland, Oregan-ish.

I thought my blogging hiatus was going to take a year but I couldn’t keep away from my website for that long.  A lot of my friends were in disbelief that I would just eschew my thoughts and walk away. Alas, I had time to think and I realize that  blogging will always hold a special place in my heart.

Fake Christian Bale tried to kill the Chittiger!!!

 With that said, I missed how my blog used to be.  I missed the frenetic, snarky, energy behind each entry.  My life may be prosaic but crazy-a$$ stuff happens, when I least expect it.

Nisha is pretending to be Walter Emanuel Jones. Best Power Ranger Ever!
Nisha is pretending to be Walter Emanuel Jones. Best Power Ranger Ever!

I wanted to write about a dramatic dead rat story that happened on Christmas eve but many of my readers  ( D.C cowards) are spineless wimps who cannot handle blood, squeals and dramatic deaths.

I also wanted to write about Richard Armitage (North & South) being a real man unlike Robert Pattinson, Justin Beiber and even Brad Pitt.  However, I do not want to be part of his “Armitage Army” since that is absurd. Though he’s a hot celebrity with a sexy nose, and shy, boyish-countenance—he’s not worth trolling for 20 hours a day. No celebrity ever is except Biz Markie.  So I will refrain from writing a sonnet-like entry about Armitage’s rugged mystic.

Bridal shower! I bought my dress at Ross for 14 bucks! Lucky me 🙂 I even found a swanky hat for $6.00 too. Who needs high-end when I can dig into mystery-end rubbish 🙂

My readers ( which are close friends) candidly told me that they miss my old blog entries. You remember those entries?  The articles about FML events in my life, celebrity-bashing, travel and self-help.  A word of advice for new and old bloggers : Be true to yourself or else…

As I started to get a following online, my e-mail inbox was in-fluxed with random e-mails from musicians, companies and even event promoters. I openly welcome restaurant, food-related and social-activist entries since that is something I undoubtedly support but I will refrain from promoting anything else.

We, bloggers, will not be coerced into shelling out free PR.  The more we  are forced to write for others, the less interest we have in writing for ourselves. From this moment onwards, my pen will be unfettered. Dead rat stories here we come!

Ate at CoCo Sala on valentines day. We sat next to the world's most pretentious couple. Only in D.C!
$20 Calvin Klein dress & $10.00 purse, only at ROSS

I will also post  more pictures, quotes and ridiculous anecdotes without restraint too (as you can already see above).  As I said before, I wanted to write about so many epochs in my life. For example, my bf and I had to endure D.C’s most pretentious couple on  Valentines day at Co Co Sala and I was close to death recently. A dirty, bed-bug infested mattress flung into the open air, from a moving truck, in the mean streets of Baltimore. The mattress was close to hitting my passenger window but the wind carried it away. Baltimore was about to be the end of me!

Now, those are fun entries to read.  Commercial free and full of snark.

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