The Ben Show (Comedy Central): I defeated the Grammar Nazi

Sherryn is famous part 4

Yet again, I was featured on T.V! This time, I defeated The Grammar Nazi and was the only one on the street who knew something about Kelsey Grammar.

Sherryn is famous part 1

The Grammar Nazi ( Ben Hoffman from Comedy Central’s  “The Ben Show”) asked me what character Kelsey Grammar plays on “The Simpson’s.”

Sherryn is famous part 2

As a pop culture fanatic, of course, I knew Kelsey Grammar played Sideshow Bob.  By golly, I got the answer right. This entire experience happened in Hollywood, CA. I was being a typical tourist, in my super cool Mighty Morphing Power Ranger Sweatshirt ( featuring Sherryn Daniel’s Blog’s fave Power Ranger, Walter Emanuel Jones), when this man dressed in Nazi get-up approaches me.

I was in shock. I didn’t understand why anyone wanted to quiz me on Kelsey Grammar since I don’t even know the guy. All I really knew about him was that he was Sideshow Bob on “The Simpsons” and that he  was on “Cheers” awhile ago.

Nevertheless, this was a super cool experience. It’s not everyday you get to be on T.V, much less, get an answer right when other people bombed in comparison to you.  Watch the clip here if you do not believe that I, Sherryn, could trump random people on the street.

Aside from reveling in my 15 minutes ( more like 15 seconds) of fame, I had a lot to think about this week.

 Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  •  Just read Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Daniel G. Amen, and realized his entire book was a marketing ploy for his exorbitant brain scanning services. Good try Amen!
  • Just tried Tchao’s dried mango nibs dipped in dark chocolate and realized that it tastes like an overpriced bag of Raisenettes. Tasty, but pricy!
  • Excited to say that comedian Jamie Kennedy, genius behind “Malibus Most Wanted” and “Kicking it Old School” tweeted and Favorited two of my tweets. Nice!
  •  Jay Chandrasekhar, acclaimed director and star of “Super Troopers” and “Beerfest” tweeted me back as well! Loving how amazing comedians give mad love back to their fans 🙂

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