Bobby Lee at DC Improv: Unpredictable LOL Moments

Nisha, Comedian Jodi Miller, and ME! She was funny!

Last weekend,  bf, Nisha and I went to the DC Improv to see Bobby Lee (Mad TV, Harold and Kumar, Chelsea Lately) perform to a lethargic audience.  In short, Lee  was unpredictably funny since his humor wove in bodily functions, women parts and immigrant parent confabs. Nevertheless, it was all very amusing. It’s too bad that the DC Improv did not allow us to take pictures of the show. If I had permission you would have an eyewitness encounter, via I-phone pictures, of Lee gyrating and stripping in front of a struggling D.C actor.

Other theatrics Lee performed was wearing a molestache while exuding a shy demeanor and fervently scaring this one audience member with tickle attacks. Now, that’s the Bobby Lee that I know and love.

Lee had a strong propensity for going shirtless, rubbing his bulgy bellyl, and emulating salacious facial expressions. Most importantly, Lee was cray-cray but lovably cray-cray. He, single-handily, had everyone in hysterics. Even the most pretentious DC denizen laughed, chortled and guffawed.  Lee also had this singular sixth sense for calling out pretentious fakers. He called out everyone who fake laughed. I swear, he’s my hero!

Lee’s opening act, Jodi Miller, had her moments. Lee’s humor was perennial while hers was ephemeral. She segmented her show with cougar, cat and sex jokes that impressed some but not all. My friend Nisha became a hardcore fan of Jodi Miller that day. I, on the other hand, believe Miller has a cookie cutter sense of humor. It’s funny for the flavorless masses.

Before the show, bf and I were running late since I was in charge of a complimentary Mother’s Day Belgian Chocolate and Wine Tasting sponsored by Faso Foods. Even though we were short on  time, we made a pit stop at Point Chaud, Best Crepes Place in Logan Circle.  We ordered sweet and savory crepes that were beyond marvelous. I wish I took a picture but, alas, I forgot.

Stand (by Logan Circle, Washington D.C) had this delicious bratwurst with sauerkraut on it. I was in foodie heaven!

I  did remember to take a picture of this memorable bratwurst  from Stand in Washington D.C.  The food was divine!  Not only that but  the weather was nice, food was great and the people at Stand were congenial. If you need a quick and memorable lunch break but go to Stand and Point Chaud.

Wore the neverending scarf ($12.00 from TJ Maxx) at the Subject to Change show
Wore the neverending scarf ($12.00 from TJ Maxx) at the Subject to Change show

Though I concluded my Sunday well with Bobby Lee, my start to the weekend was also marvelous. I stopped by TJ Maxx and bought a few neverending scarves. It’s the biggest trend to hit the DC area and I can actually see what all the fuss is about. Those scarves never end. I wore my new scarf and some heavily reduced Michael Kors Heels  to see Silver Spring‘s Subject to Change perform at the Sidebar in Baltimore.

Reese Mixon, lead singer of Subject to Change!
Reese Mixon, lead singer of Subject to Change!

Subject to Change was a breath of fresh air for Baltimore’s indie and alternative rock scene. Reese Mixon, lead singer, imbued raw emotion in a singular yet addictive way. His range, vocals and lyrics swayed the crowd and rattled its spirits to the core. By and by, it was a great show.

Saturday was a blur full of work, exercise and jamming in a mini marathon of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Before the week commences, here are some introspective thoughts for your viewing pleasure.

My Introspective Thoughts for the Week

  • “Community” has a 5th season. Maybe this “Underdog” spiel is an act?
  • “How I Met your Mother” revealed the mother. She looks more like she could be Ted’s sister than his actual wife. Just saying.
  • Why doesn’t Maryland have tasty BBQ?  Taking a weekly flight into Texas would be way to pricy!
  • Half way done with reading “Wicked.” The Scarecrow and the Wicked Witch get way too freaky for me.
  • Green tea tastes nasty but it is chock full of antioxidants. So I must imbibe it.
  • Did anyone else see the season finale of “Revenge”? I can’t believe Declan died! But most importantly, Jack knows that Emily is really Amanda Clark. Oh snap!

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