Super Troopers: Met Farva and Mac at the Ottobar in Baltimore

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard!

Normally, I try to fit in blogging an entry on Monday’s but I got sick recently. I think it was some sorta flu bug but, luckily, I healed quite well yesterday. Since I was feeling better, my bf and I decided to see Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme  from “Super Troopers,” “Beerfest,” Slammin Salmon,” “Club Dred,” and “Puddle Cruisers,” at Ottobar.

I’m assuming that Heffernan and Lemme teamed up so they could exchange jokes, barbs and stories about “Super Troopers” to a packed audience. Nonetheless, they were touring the entire nation, after all.  Ottobar was teeming with laid back individuals. This was a lovely sight since DC venues are often fraught with pretentious denizens.

Anyways, Heffernan was the funniest out of the duo. His jokes about his Humpty Dumpty figure, his son who pees aimlessly at strangers, and his stunt coordinator for Club Dred– who punched a monkey in the ball—-were priceless. I had tears streaming from the corners of my eyes and that smeared my eye makeup.

On the contrary, Lemme’s  humor was cheap since it was overtly sexual and contrived. In contrast, based on loud guffaws and an uproarious crowd, Lemme’s humor was ubiquitously received by Baltimore city. In spite of Lemme’s sense of humor being so raunchy, I did find it hilarious when he picked on this homely looking girl with frizzy brown hair, uneven black spectacles and an over sized charity t-shirt. He  labeled her the “Cookie Monster” when it came to performing certain, undisclosed activities that I shall not disclose.

After the show, a  queue was drawn up around Lemme and Heffernan for autographs and sales. The long formation around the magic duo  was daunting. My bf and I were quickly dismayed and had no inclination to stay at the bottom of the line even though we were at the bottom of the line. Out of the blue, this little leprechaun popped out of a mysterious corner, well, actually, this adorable little lawyer butted in front and distracted people from the front of the line. Her large agog eyes expanded when she gabbed about “Arrested Development.” In secrecy, the lawyer confided in me that she often uses her “lawyering” to get her way.  I swear she’s a miracle worker since  we transitioned to third in line thanks to her.

The boys of “Broken Lizard” saw what happened and wore a bemused look on their faces. I guess that’s why Heffernan was somewhat apprehensive when he talked to me?  He thought I was going to use some magical, lawyering voodoo on him. Nevertheless, I confabbed to Heffernan that I have been a fan of theirs since “Super Troopers” first came out.  Kevin wore an anxious expression since that easily meant I was a fan for 11 years.

 Heffernan thought I was 15 years old or something? He later chimed, “Oh my god, please do not tell me how old you really are. I feel really old.”

Naturally, I laughed.  I said I was a fan of theirs since I was 15 years old and that quickly put him to rest about his age. I’m glad I still look young to this poor old man!

 After we left, it did dawn on me that another aspect of their comedy show that bothered me was the sheer fact that Jay Chadrasekhar was not mentioned–at all!

Chandrasekhar is the director of most Broken Lizard films and he has delivered some memorable lines in “Beerfest” and in “Super Troopers.” I really hope Jay forgives them for their apparent negligence of his contributions to Broken Lizard.

Aside from seeing Broken Lizard and getting mad sick, I also celebrated my good friend Andrew’s birthday at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland.

birthday 2I had a great time on the roller-coaster ride, ski lift and with getting to know some interesting characters on this trip.In due part to this trip, I also realized that I have the world’s greatest bf. Best I ever had!

I got RED ROSES for absolutely no reason 🙂

I am a very lucky woman (humble-brag)?. I mean, one day, out of the blue, he just randomly got me roses. It was not my birthday, anniversary or any other holiday, but he just wanted to do something special for me. After kissing some fat, ugly frogs I finally found my prince.

My Introspective Thoughts for the Week

  • Did anyone see the new “Hangover 3” movie yet? I heard it had terrible reviews. Regardless of vitriolic critics (hecklers), I want to support Ken Jeong from “Community.”
  • So our good friend Walter Emanuel Jones (Original Black Power Ranger) will not be a part of “Power Ranger’s”  twentieth anniversary this year due to supporting his friend, the Original Blue Power Ranger, who was bullied senselessly. I support his decision since a real friend stands up for you. Walter is a true friend.
  • Does Maryland even have good BBQ? I’ve eaten at 4 different locations and no other restaurant serves Texas style brisket or ribs. UGHHHH!!! I wish Maryland catered to more meat eaters.
  • By the way, comedian Jamie Kennedy is easy to contact! Just tweet or Facebook him. Recently, I commented on his Facebook page that he should create a video blog and he, not only liked it, but asked me for social media advice. I posted a few websites that could help and told him he would do a great job at this endeavor! I’ve never given social media advice to a celebrity before. It was kind of cool.

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