Cronuts, Calming Tea and Chicago Coffee Festival 2013

Dominique Ansel Bakery
Dominique Ansel Bakery

With the gourmet cupcake market plunging and with the gourmet popcorn trend waning–the Cronut makes a resplendent appearance. The Cronut, invented by Dominique Ansel in New York City, is a hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut. Dominique Ansel, chef extraordinaire, would often infuse lovely rose-vanilla or lemon-maple glazes atop this scrumptious treats.


Arduous queues encircle bakeries that carry this product and even celebrities like CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been rejected from getting his greedy star hands on these badboys. Maybe he should follow suite with Wolverine (Hugh Jackmen) and wait in line like the rest of us?

I love croissants and I love donuts, so naturally, I want to eat a Cronut asap. I’m crossing fingers that I can attend the Fancy Food Show in New York City so I can have an excuse to not only try it but to also attest to it’s flaky goodness on my website.

Calming Tea

Though I am a hardcore coffee drinker; I do like to treat myself to “tea time” from time to time.  Normally, I drink Moriba’s teas when I need more antioxidants in my system but whenever I need restful sleep, I drink Zhena’s Sleep/Calm Me tea infused with chamomile, and valerian root which induces me into blissful slumber.

A few months back, I found Zhena’s nestled behind a discounted Walker’s Shortbread biscuits and next to Himalayan pink salt at the TJ Maxx in Rockville. Zhena’s Sleep/Calm Me tea is  so nom-worthy! The tea is coconut and vanilla flavor and I LOVE anything coconut flavored!

I highly recommend this tea if you need to catch up on some ZzzzZZzz’s or if you need to relax.

Coffee Fest Chicago 2013

As a specialist in the gourmet food industry, I read up on food trends and attend as many gourmet food festivals as possible: which is why I am attending this years Coffee Fest held in Chicago this year. Coffee Fest, which started in 1992, is held from June 7 through 9. Everything you ever wanted to learn about the art of coffee and tea will be taught at this  festival which has been making strides in the gourmet food industry for spotting food trends before they emerge.

Though I’ve also never been to Chicago,I do look forward to flying here and there.

Introspective Thoughts for the Week

  • Coming to America” is a great movie on immigration. Too bad everyone thinks Eddie Murphy is dead. Don’t believe me? Google Eddie Murphy and comment below what you see.
  • I wish I was a hipster with my musical tastes because it would only mean that I am ahead of the game. To compensate for my lack of coolness, I will listen to older albums from: Biggie Smalls, Collective Soul, David Gray, Lupe Fiasco, Richard Ashcroft ( Biggest Ego in the entire world), Elliot Smith (Figure 8),  Beastie Boys, Keane and Korn. Oldies but goodies.
  • “Stand Inside your Love” is the most romantic Smashing Pumpkins song ever made! Thank you, Billy Corgan.
  • Chrystee Pharris (played Simone on ‘”Passions”) is the nicest soap star I ever met. She really does love her fans.
  • I look forward to seeing some amazing architecture in Chicago, IL.

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