Archer Townsend:Best Design Brand in Chicago!

One of a kind casual yet chic shirt found at Archer Townsend.
One- of- a- kind casual yet chic shirt found at Archer Townsend.

When you go to stores like H&M or even Urban Outfitters, you notice that a lot of these pieces were not only made in other countries but were barely pieced together. Longevity and fashion do not often go hand in hand. When I visited Archer Townsend last weekend, before going on a segway tour, I fell in love with the style, ambiance and people behind the brand.

James Townsend, one of the founders of Archer Townsend, founded this brand as a way to give the style-savvy city girl timeless pieces melded with uptown luxury with downtown style. Women wear more casual wear during the day than evening wear at night, and Townsend wanted to provide a brand that would let women express themselves in a down to earth sorta way. In fact, Archer Townsend’s entire collection is imagined, designed and sewn in the heart of Chicago.

Where Archer Townsend's magic takes place
Where Archer Townsend’s magic takes place

Not only is everything made in the U.S.A but everything you wear from Archer Townsend will last several years.  I had a great time getting to know Townsend and even learning more about Chicago. James is a laid back, happy person.

Did you know that he’s an ardent fan of the Smashing Pumpkins? Moreover, he used to live three blocks from Billy Corgan. Lucky him!

When I first saw this shirt, I knew I had to wear it.
When I first saw this shirt, I knew I had to wear it.

I was fortunate enough to try on some of these works of art. I loved the first shirt I wore, since it was sturdy yet breathable. Apparently, Archer Townsend sold out of this shirt since it was in hot demand.

Movie/TV star Jenny McCarthy was seen with this shirt on.

James suggested I try on this shirt which could also be a dress since I am under 5’7. It was soft, molded well against my skin and had a unique print on it. I really liked how casual yet stylish it was. You can wear it around town and also go to happy hour with it too. It was a very good combination.

The next time I go to Chicago, I am definitely going to get some of these shirts to add to my personal collection.

If you are interested in winning a $500 $500 shopping spree with  Archer Townsend,  Check out this link here. If you want to get the low-down on casual fashion etiquette.Call 312-265-0910 to set up a personal shopping appointment in Archer Townsend’s West Loop showroom located at 805 W. Randolph Street, #200, Chicago, IL 60607.

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