This is the End (Movie): James Franco was Rejected from Heaven


I’m sure most Apatow fans watched “This is the End” last weekend and enjoyed every little scene. The movie was teeming with “Pineapple Express,” “SuperBad,” etc., movie references plus there were multiple layers of insides jokes that only fans of Seth Rogen, James Franco and Craig Robinson fans could comprehend.

After watching this movie in Chinatown with some fun n’ goofy guy friends, I relished every second of this amalgamation of dude wit n’ dude humor. Seth Rogen did an impeccable job with blending the book of  Revelations with puerile male humor while streamlining this movie. The script, actors and cinematography was not only engrossing but certain deaths blasted the Twitterverse. Spoilers Ahead. Do you want to read the rest?


Jay Baruch, a relatively unknown actor who starred in I’m Reed Fish, was the protagonist in this clever comedy.  In the movie not in real life, Baruch wanted to salvage his friendship with  Vancouver native Seth Rogen. Baruch only cared about fortifying his relationship with Rogen but not with Rogen’s friends.  While Rogen and his A-star buds convened at James Franco’s newest mansion,  Baruch grew more wearisome over Rogen’s attachment to these Hollywood all-stars. I guess Michael Cera’s gambling and cocaine addiction rubbed Baruch the wrong way?

Add in earthquakes, lava pits and demons and the upshot is a string of comedic one-liners that are highly quotable–and a morally confused Baruch who conspicuously hates everyone, regardless of the effusion of boding moments.

The characters in the movie were three dimensional since no one played a perfectly “good” person. Each actor played a selfish rendition of themselves which could also explain why many of them didn’t get into heaven initially. Let’s also add in the fact that Danny McBride was hilarious as the villain. He wanted to nosh on all of the supplies, get in Hermione’s pants, and instigate drama between everyone. No one likes an instigator in movies or in real life. Towards the end of the movie, McBride totally got away with being a cannibal king–with Channing Tatum has his sex slave.

Aside from McBride’s characterization of a hedonistic mad-man, my favorite part of the movie was when James Franco was rejected from Heaven. James Franco is often portrayed in the media as a scholastic do-gooder who nabs critically acclaimed roles. Based on my interpretation (off-screen), James Franco is a pretentious man due to his hobbies, multiple film roles and decorated degrees. Before Franco was rejected heave(in the movie and maybe in real life too) I assumed he would get in because: he is James Franco, Mr. Perfect.

Much to my own amusement, after Franco sacrificed himself to the cannibals, a beam of blue light carried him to the  half-way point. Franco’s mendacious lies did not pay off since he kept giving Danny McBride the bird and repetitively told him to “Suck it.”  Little did Franco realize that God was watching this scene unfold, he caught a good whiff of Franco’s true nature and halted his  free ride to Heaven. The cannibals were overjoyed as McBride readily ate his face off.

I, literally, had tears effusing from my eyes. That scene was beautifully done and I am sure most movie-goers were glad to see Franco get his comeuppance for being a pretentious bro.  He totally got what he deserved. In addendum to this scene, here are my five favorite scenes.

Best Movie Scenes

1.) The Gagnam style scene. Colors, music, and dance sequences galore.

2.) Kevin Hart trying to kick Aziz Ansari back into Hell.

3.) Backstreet Boys singing Everybody in heaven.

4.) Pineapple Express 2 promo.

5.) Jonah Hill telling the devil that he passionately hates Jay Baruch.  From the start, Hill’s condescending remarks towards Jay are a strong indicator that people like Hill, whom everyone loves, can be heinous, evil creatures. Real life lessons done well.

Other than enjoying this flick, I do have some introspective thoughts that I do want to share with you all this week.

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

1.) Excited to go to to the Fancy Food show in New York City this year. I look forward to picking out the best products to review on my website.

2.) Alphonso Ribiero (Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) will be dancing  at  a Bowie Baysox game in August. Carlton better dance to Apache by The SugarHill Gang!

3.) Biz Markie is teaching a class on Being a DJ at Living Social next week. Are any of you going? I know I will be there.

4.) Is anyone going to watch Arsenio Hall’s newest talk show this year? Will this 80’s wunderkind make a comeback? Only time will tell..

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  1. Like their previous stoner comedies (“Pineapple Express,” “Your Highness”), this goofy collaboration — written and directed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg — veers toward extremes of hit or miss. At its riotous best, the B-movie vibe is a blast, with the guys willing to go all out for a laugh.

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