Women Who Span The Globe: When Strong Women Unite

Debbie Phelps, Mom of Olympian Michael Phelps
Debbie Phelps, Mom of Olympian Michael Phelps

It didn’t matter if you were the CEO of your own business or an intern, strong women across the DMV were invited to partake at this exclusive event held at the American Visionary Art Museum. The Women Who Span The Globe event, sponsored by the World Trade Organization, is  designed to inspire, inform and in-vigor women to take stronger strides in ones career.

Each session had something for everyone, whether you were a lawyer, scientist or business owner. Speakers from Notre Dame of Maryland University, Murthy Law, P&G, as well as global ambassadors from the World Bank shared insights, tips and secrets that were widely cherished.

Vanessa, from Faso Foods, spoke about women breaking stereotypes

My favorite speaker was Debbie Phelps, mom of most decorated Olympian of all time Michael Phelps. She spoke about the struggles she endured as a young woman and  how her successes lie within each of her kids.  When Phelps was in high school, a school adviser said, “Honey, I don’t think you are college material so maybe you shouldn’t pursue it.”

Debbie Phelps was astounded by these claims but did not let it hinder her. Not only did she get her Bachelors but went on to get her Masters as well. She currently heads a school in Baltimore County where students are aiming towards being bilingual. What an impressive woman!

Miriam, Sherryn, Vanessa from Faso Foods
Miriam, Sherryn, Vanessa from Faso Foods

Faso Foods was not only a  sponsor of this program but was proud to distribute Grashoff Belgian Chocolate, Nutfield Macademia nuts and Moriba juices to these world-renown leaders in the DMV. Program participants sampled a range of  Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate sauces ranging from Pistachio, Capuccino, Coconut Rum, and Caramel, and also tried unique lychee, mango and hibiscus juices in between session breaks.

Winners of the International Trivia Chocolate and Wine program also won free Grashoff Belgian Chocolate  too!

One of our Chocolate+ Wine Trivia winners!

After attending the Women Who Span the Globe event, I felt more empowered as a female leader in the field. Even though there is a glass ceiling ahead of me, I know that  by working together with other strong women,we will have a chance at shattering it.

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About Faso Foods

Faso Foods is an international food management company supporting producers with import/export, warehousing, packaging, market researchsales and promotionalactivities.

We represent a diverse roster of categories including hot beverages, fruit juice, confections and grains, many of which are organic and fair trade, to fulfill the demand of the sophisticated specialty food market.

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