Summer Fancy Food Show 2013: The Naked Cowboy and Celebrity-less Lounges

The Food channel sponsored cooking demos..
The Food channel sponsored cooking demos..

Last weekend I attended the first day of  NASFT’s Summer Fancy Food Show held in New York City. Though I was unable to attend all three days, I was cognizant over new foodie trends for 2013-14. For starters, did you know that  chickpeas, chia seeds, and peanut butter are making a comeback this year.

Chardae and I tried these appetizers with black truffle slices on top.
Chardae and I sampled black truffle appetizers.

Well, neither did I until I witnessed several exhibits offering sample with those items in it. Though I will highlight unique products in another entry, I will sum up how my trip to NYC fared. I brought my bestie Chardae out for this year’s show,  since she also has a profound love for quality food.

Picture is pretty accurate. Chardae is half a foot taller than me.
Picture is pretty accurate. Chardae is half a foot taller than me.

Best friends tend to have alot in common, and as you can see above we know how to spot stylish threads at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. We snatched up great finds, days in advance, before heading on the Bolt bus to NYC. The trip to Time Squares was long, yet comfortable since Bolt Bus has cozy seats that also have portable outlets for us to charge our phones.

When our bus landed in Time Square, we underestimated how long it would take for us to get to Sanctuary Hotel. We assumed it would take 15 minutes but droves of people bombarding us on the opposite direction and that prolonged us by 45 extra minutes. By then our feet were ripe with blisters and our faces were drenched in sweat.

No New York City trip is complete without the naked cowboy..
No New York City trip is complete without the naked cowboy..

Although Sanctuary hotel has only been around for just a  year, I can see why it has rave reviews. The people, rooms and services were phenomenal.  Chardae and I felt like princesses since our room had a chandelier.

Guess what welcomed us into  Sanctuary Hotel?
Guess what welcomed us into Sanctuary Hotel?

As soon as we both entered  our room, we both collapsed on our beds. It was a tiring voyage.

After we rested up, we dressed to the nines since we were going to eat at Haven Rooftop Lounge. It’s a lounge on the ninth floor of Sanctuary Hotel that has a beautiful yet panoramic view of the city, delicious chicken and a convivial ambiance.

We both accidentally dressed alike. Forgive us Fashion Police.
We both accidentally dressed alike. Forgive us Fashion Police.

After we ate like Queens, we walked on over to a few more lounges. The first lounge we went to was  48 lounge. On sundays 48  tends to have a slew of celebrities but,sadly, we were only there on Saturday night–which could explain how barren it was that night. The next lounge we went to was Pascha Lounge which was packed but none of us feel  it was worth the 50$ entrance fee.  It was great that all three lounges were  walking distance from each other since  neither of us had  time to metro to the meatpacking district (where cray-cray stuff happens).

I'm partaking in a caviar tasting.
I’m partaking in a caviar tasting.

When we got back into our rooms, we only had 2.5 hours of sleep. It sucked that we both had to be up by 6:30 a.m since we didn’t want to be late to our High-Touch Food in a High-Tech World class held in the bottom regions of the Summer Fancy Food Show Convention. We got there on time (luckily) and learned a lot. Here are some highlights from the class:

High Touch Food in a High-Tech World

  • The consumer can do price comparisons with their phones and that will greatly affect brick and mortar businesses.
  • No matter what, all businesses will be confronted with how well they know their consumers.
  • The future retail experience will delve into personal interactions based on consumer context (time of day, location in store, trip mission, etc..)

Afterwards, Chardae and I scoured the floors for the best of the best.  We sampled tasty chocolates, supple juices, and awe-inspiring pates that rocked our world. By the end of August, I will write up an iron-clad review on the best finds from this year’s Fancy Food show. Until then, here are my thoughts for the week.

Introspective Thoughts for the Week

  • Is anyone else watching ABC Family’s Twisted? Until Revenge has new episodes, my eyes are glued to this pre-teen soap opera.
  • I’m reading The Namesake and I  appreciate how one Bengali family’s experience mirrors millions of other Asian American’s experiences. Great job Jhumpa Lahiri! This book is really enthralling.
  • Baci has some tasty chocolates!  I think they  taste way better than Ferrero Rocher.
  • Donald Glover will have a reduced role on NBC’s fifth season of Community this year. Ego much?
  • Twinkies are coming back—July 15, 2013. Are you ready for them?

Written by Sherryn Daniel

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sharing the Details (formerly Sherryn Daniel’s Blog), a comprehensive Gala and red carpet blog that provides the true sparkle with the D.C philanthropic and glamour scene.

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